25 Jan 2007

PR# 2007-071

ISAF air strike targets insurgent command post

KANDAHAR, Afghanistan – Today, ISAF conducted a successful precision air strike on a known insurgent command post in Helmand province.

The precision-guided munitions impacted on target, completely destroying the compound but causing no damage to the surrounding area. A senior Taliban leader and his deputies are believed to have been killed in this strike.

This successful air strike took place in the vicinity of Musa Qala but was outside of the area of the agreement between the Government of Afghanistan (GoA) and local elders. This is the latest in a series of operations, involving air strikes and arrests of senior Taliban commanders designed to bring security and stability to the inhabitants of the Musa Qala area.

“The message has been consistent and clear; the Taliban leaders have nowhere to hide and those who follow them should return to their villages and enter the reconciliation programme,” said Squadron Leader Dave Marsh, spokesperson for ISAF’s Regional Command-South.

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