25 Jan 2007

PR# 2007-070

PRT supports religious school in Meymaneh

MEYMANEH, Afghanistan - On Wednesday, Provincial Reconstruction Team (PRT) Meymaneh made a donation of computer equipment to the Abu Muslim Khorasani religious school in Meymaneh which was timed to coincide with the opening of a new school building and a student graduation.

The Norwegian-led PRT in Meymaneh launched the assistance programme for the school at the end of November 2006. The project, which included the renovation of the computer room cost approximately 5,000 USD.

The PRT has been working closely with the local administration, the provincial Education Department, and religious scholars from the area to coordinate the programme.

“In order to get good governance in Faryab, we need to take into consideration the religion, too”, Lt. Col. Opperud says.

The local inhabitants and the religious school representatives have expressed their appreciation for the assistance provided by the PRT, which has helped to calm this previously volatile area.

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