24 Jan 2007

PR# 2007-068

Afghans’ bravery honoured in award ceremony

KABUL, Afghanistan – The Afghan security guard and interpreter who prevented a vehicle borne suicide bomb attack received awards for their bravery from Commander ISAF (COMISAF) today, in a small ceremony at HQ ISAF.

On the morning of 16 January, the security guard, Rambo, and the interpreter were on duty outside the main gate of the Coalition base in Kabul, when a vehicle crashed into the front barrier. It became clear to Rambo that the driver was attempting to initiate a suicide bomb. Without thinking of his own safety, Rambo physically forced the driver from the vehicle, preventing him from detonating the device. Throughout the incident, the interpreter remained at his post, giving commands to the driver and helping confirm that there was a bomb in the vehicle.

COMISAF, General David Richards, presented both with a framed certificate, an ISAF coin and a gift for their families. A citation was given to each of the men, commending them on their bravery and outstanding steadfastness. Col. Dan Hokanson, Chief of Staff at the Coalition base, and a number of Coalition forces were present at the ceremony, to show their appreciation to the two Afghans.

During the ceremony, COMISAF addressed each man. “Rambo, we are in awe of your great courage and we salute you here today.” He went on to add that the interpreter “was every bit as brave as Rambo; you could have left your post, but you demonstrated the great Afghan quality of courage.”

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