23 Jan 2007

PR# 2007-064

New clinic opens in Khost province

BAGRAM AIRFIELD, Afghanistan – During a ceremony on Thursday, the Khost Afghan-American Comprehensive Surgical Clinic, commonly known as the Brick Clinic, officially opened.

The clinic is located outside the front gate of Forward Operating Base Salerno and serves as an extension of the ISAF hospital located within the operating base. The clinic will help expand surgical capacity in Khost province by providing more beds for patients and training for Afghan medical professionals. It has 10 in-patient beds, five for males and five for females.

Asala Jamal, governor of Khost province, Gulmohammaden, Afghan director of health and Dr. Badshazar, the hospital’s director, attended the ceremony.

“This building is a facility for us to work with Afghan doctors and nurses to be able to treat Afghan civilians,” said Lt. Col. Bruce Schoneboom, commander of the 14th Combat Support Hospital.

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