15 Jan 2007

PR# 2007-045

ISAF clarifies cross border cooperation

Kabul, Afghanistan – Comments made on Saturday by Regional Command East (RC-E) Commander, Maj. Gen. Benjamin Freakley, have been incorrectly interpreted. ISAF has not and will not conduct operations outside of Afghanistan.

When asked about the possibility of attacks into Pakistan, General Freakley made it clear that “ISAF has coordinating authority to fire into Pakistan or to return fire when attacked by hostile elements operating from inside Pakistan.” He also said that “such actions had occurred in the past and were done in full co-ordination and with the agreement of the Pakistan authorities.” This would always be the case.

ISAF has no intention of ‘launching military raids against terrorists in Pakistan,’ as has been erroneously reported. ISAF and the Government of Afghanistan are working together to maintain ever closer co-operation with the Pakistan military at all levels.

ISAF acknowledges Pakistan’s contribution in the fight against the insurgency in Afghanistan. Gen. David Richards, ISAF commander, very recently at the meeting of the Tripartite Commission in Islamabad on 11 January, publicly acknowledged Pakistan’s contribution.

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