11 Jan 2007

PR# 2007-038

MEDCAP held in Mushai Valley, donations provided

KABUL, Afghanistan – Regional Command-Capital’s Italian Battlegroup Civilian Military Cooperation (CIMIC) team held a Medical Civil Affairs Programme (MEDCAP) on Wednesday and provided winter relief supplies to the people of Mushai Valley.

Approximately 75 men and children in the village of Surjay were treated by two doctors and two nurses during the three-hour MEDCAP. The team treated and provided medicine to patients suffering from such ailments as colds and coughs to Leishmaniasis. An 11-year-old boy received minor surgery to remove shrapnel from his arm.

The CIMIC team coordinated the distribution of 110 food and fuel packages to local families selected by the village chiefs as being most in need throughout the winter months.

A second donation of 60 food packs, stoves and water containers, as well as 30 tons of wood, was also made in the nearby village of Hosain Khail.

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