10 Jan 2007

PR# 2007-034

Zahre district secured

KANDAHAR, Afghanistan - Earlier today, ISAF and Afghan National Army (ANA) forces succeeded in securing Zahre district, Kandahar province, as part of the ongoing Operation Baaz Tsuka.

The neighbouring district of Panjwayi was secured in December and since then has benefited from considerable reconstruction and development. Today, Zahre was secured by ANA and ISAF forces, who have already started work on clearing the roads of Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs) and building the first Vehicle Check Points. The Civil and Military Cooperation Teams are also preparing stocks of winter supplies to be donated to the local population.

ANA and ISAF forces encountered no resistance following extensive consultation with the local elders prior to the operation. A number of families have already returned to the village of Shia Choy in Zahre district and thorough searches are currently being carried out in the nearby Sangsar and Nalgam areas.

"This operation demonstrates how, with mutual cooperation, the insurgents can be squeezed out without damaging the area and thus allow aid and eventually, resettlement and reconstruction to begin," said Squadron Leader Dave Marsh, spokesman for Regional Command-South.

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