10 Jan 2007

PR# 2007-032

ISAF assistance continues in Laghman and Paktika

BAGRAM AIRFIELD, Afghanistan – In Laghman province on Monday, members of the ISAF Mehtar Lam Provincial Reconstruction Team (PRT) assisted the Mehtar Lam Boys Orphanage, home to 800 boys from families where either one or both parents are deceased. The PRT provided food, clothing, blankets, radios and hygiene kits to sustain the orphanage for a month.

Also on Monday, in Paktika soldiers from Regional Command East (RC-E) the Sharana PRT traveled to the villages of Naka, Yosef Khel, Omana and Kushamond to interact with the residents and distribute food, clothing and educational kits to the children. The Sharana PRT additionally visited the village of Baki Khel to provide supplies for poor families in the area. More than 100 villagers, including the leaders of Shura Haji Nawab and Haji Hiatula, came to assist the PRT’s soldiers unload supplies, which will benefit approximately 300 people for one month.

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