7 Jan 2007

PR# 2007-023

Kandahar PRT conducts medical outreach

KANDAHAR, Afghanistan – The Kandahar Provincial Reconstruction Team (PRT) conducted two medical outreach patrols in Kandahar City this weekend which provided medical care to approximately 90 patients.  

The medical outreach on Saturday was conducted at the office of the Kandahar Ministry of Women’s Affairs for battered and burned women, while the medical outreach conducted today took place at the Kandahar City Fire Station for Nomadic Kuchi children.

The Kandahar PRT employs three local Afghan physicians and a dentist hired specifically to perform medical treatment of local patients during medical outreach patrols.

“We get a chance to see how these women and children are doing and to determine things such as whether they need shoes or more winter clothing,” said PRT Civil-Military Cooperation operator Warrant Officer Sean Chase, who organized both patrols. “We have to know what is needed before we can start helping out.”

“This is likely the only medical care that many of these folks will receive, unless they are badly injured or deathly ill,” said PRT medical officer Capt. Mark Dacambra, who participated in both patrols. “It also allows the physicians to make arrangements for follow-on care if it’s required.”

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