5 Jan 2007

PR# 2007-017

PRT’s first tailgate Med Cap assists burn victim

FARAH, Afghanistan – Last week Provincial Reconstruction Team (PRT) Farah provided it’s first ever tailgate Medical Civil Affairs Programme (Med Cap) assistance to 200 people.

A tailgate Med Cap is a scaled down version using only corpsmen and medics. There are no doctors in attendance and it is operated from the back of a truck.

“We wanted to see if we were capable of doing this without a physician, to lower the amount of manpower needed in the field,” says Hospital Man (HN) Christopher Morgan.

The team treated most of the cases with vitamins, pain relievers, skin cream and antacids. However, the uncle of one small baby boy with badly burned feet was encouraged to bring the baby to the PRT’s free clinic the next day for treatment

“This baby, if he were to develop an infection, could either die or lose his foot from infection. That’s either a life-ending or a life-altering condition,” says Sergeant Michael Levasseur, a US Army medic.

The baby’s feet are healing well as a result of the follow-up care provided at the clinic.

There is now a plan to send out a tailgate Med Cap with the majority of missions the soldiers undertake to remote villages.

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