2 Jan 2007

PR# 2007-007

First money withdrawal in Khowst province

BAGRAM, Afghanistan – On 27 December, Forward Operation Base (FOB) Solerno finance department conducted the first money withdrawal from the newly established Limited Depository Account (LDA) using Da Afghanistan Bank.

The Salerno finance detachment commander and the deputy-disbursing officer conducted the first withdrawal of 220,543,900 Afghanis - $4,441,077 equivalent - to replenish the cash used to pay contractors.

The process used to require flying to Bagram to acquire funds. Transactions are now easier and quicker dealing with the local bank in Khowst province.

Capt. George Lewis, Salerno finance detachment commander, stated that many contractors will be paid by cheque and will draw funds from the bank instead of from ISAF Forces. And with the continued assistance of Da Afghanistan Bank, many contractors will soon be paid by Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT).

Al Saidwali, the Da Afghanistan Bank Khowst branch manager, said that he is pleased with the bank's role in contributing to the development of Khowst.

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