ISAF News - 2006


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31 Dec 2006 More IEDs discovered in Methar Lam
31 Dec 2006 Medical assistance in Kariz e Mir
30 Dec 2006 Taliban continue to harm Afghan civilians, ANP and ISAF providing security
30 Dec 2006 Coalition forces assist and evacuate Afghan woman in labour
30 Dec 2006 Civil assistance continues across eastern Afghanistan
30 Dec 2006 Shura Council gathers in Farah City
30 Dec 2006 Bagram PRT recognized for its contributions to Parwan province
29 Dec 2006 Farah PRT to refurbish mosque
29 Dec 2006 Farah PRT funds road paving projects
28 Dec 2006 New finance program improves ANP pay
28 Dec 2006 ANA, ISAF soldiers in Zabul receive surprise visitors
28 Dec 2006 ANA, ISAF soldiers provide winter supplies to village
28 Dec 2006 Northern Alishang to get new electricity plant
28 Dec 2006 Afghan National Army and ISAF forces deliver humanitarian aid and assistance
28 Dec 2006 Medical donation in Khaki Jabbar
28 Dec 2006 ISAF soldier killed in Southern Afghanistan
27 Dec 2006 Afghans in Laghman receive assistance
27 Dec 2006 Kabul MEDCAP treats more than 600 patients
27 Dec 2006 Tragic incident between ISAF troops and Afghan civilian
26 Dec 2006 ISAF air strike targets insurgent commander
26 Dec 2006 ANA engineers train hard in Tarin Kowt
26 Dec 2006 ANP and ISAF seize explosive materials in Laghman
25 Dec 2006 Taliban fighters defeated near Shkin
24 Dec 2006 President Karzai visits the south, receives update on Operation Baaz Tsuka
23 Dec 2006 Farah PRT donates 40 bicycles to government officials
23 Dec 2006 ANP thwarts bomb attack on mosque
22 Dec 2006 Winterization efforts in Khowst province
22 Dec 2006 Afghan government assists citizens through winter months
21 Dec 2006 Lithuanian PRT reconstructs burned room in orphanage
21 Dec 2006 Operation Baaz Tsuka provides continued security
20 Dec 2006 Operation Baaz Tsuka secures two regions
20 Dec 2006 ISAF receives sizable cache from Afghan officials
20 Dec 2006 Five day Shura draws to a close
20 Dec 2006 Shura fosters support for Operation Baaz Tsuka
20 Dec 2006 Service members provide supplies to Afghan patients
20 Dec 2006 Afghan National Army and Coalition forces engage insurgents during Sperwan Ghar operation
19 Dec 2006 Qalat Trade School graduates students from computer
education training programme
19 Dec 2006 Lethal air power kills insurgent leadership
19 Dec 2006 Precision air strike against insurgent command post
18 Dec 2006 Operation Baaz Tsuka destroys enemy weapons cache
18 Dec 2006 Car bomb targets coalition convoy east of Kandahar City
17 Dec 2006 Insurgent weapons cache seized during Sperwan Ghar operation
17 Dec 2006 Operation Baaz Tsuka making progress throughout Kandahar province
17 Dec 2006 Afghans killed and one ISAF soldier wounded in Khost suicide attack
16 Dec 2006 ISAF soldier injured by anti-personnel mine
15 Dec 2006 One ISAF Soldier killed, two wounded during operations in Laghman
15 Dec 2006 Suicide bomber kills one Afghan soldier, one civilian
15 Dec 2006 Operation Baaz Tsuka will send a strong message to Taliban from Afghan people
15 Dec 2006 ANAP complete training in Helmand Province
15 Dec 2006 Suicide attack at Qalat Bazaar kills four local Afghans
14 Dec 2006 Farah PRT donates 43 motЬorcycles
14 Dec 2006 Operation OQAB making progress in the east
13 Dec 2006 Nowhere to hide for Taliban commanders
13 Dec 2006 Qala e Naw PRT donates medicine, vaccines
13 Dec 2006 PRT Farah holds a MedCap in Kharmalaq
13 Dec 2006 ISAF operations in Laghman province
13 Dec 2006 Meymaneh PRT changes commander
13 Dec 2006 Tragic incident between ISAF troops and a local national
12 Dec 2006 One ISAF soldier killed during engagement with insurgents in Helmand province
11 Dec 2006 Panjshir farmers learn new techniques
10 Dec 2006 ISAF destroys weapons caches
10 Dec 2006 Two soldiers injured during engagement in Zabul province
10 Dec 2006 ANA, Coalition forces engage insurgents during ISAF operations
10 Dec 2006 Repatriation Ceremony held for crew of MI-26 helicopter crash
10 Dec 2006 ISAF clarifies KIA figure: 7 or 8, not 70 to 80
10 Dec 2006 District centres talking
09 Dec 2006 Bamyan boy’s school open
09 Dec 2006 Inaugural Afghanistan National Security Forces medical support conference held
09 Dec 2006 ISAF, NGOs work together to distribute aid
07 Dec 2006 OPERATION OQAB 7 reaches a successful conclusion in Farah
07 Dec 2006 Suicide bomber injures civilians in Kandahar City
07 Dec 2006 Power to the people in Panjshir
07 Dec 2006 Education plans for the future
06 Dec 2006 Cooperation gains momentum in the Mussahi Valley
06 Dec 2006 Tarin Kowt Provincial Reconstruction Team supporting ANAP training
06 Dec 2006 Qalat PRT hosts its first vendor fair
06 Dec 2006 Joint operation to recover civilian helicopter
06 Dec 2006 New bridge opens in Wanat village
05 Dec 2006 Suicide car bomb strikes ISAF patrol in Kandahar province
04 Dec 2006 Medical, food donation in Khaki Jabbar
03 Dec 2006 Civilian helicopter crashes in northern Kandahar province
03 Dec 2006 ISAF forces engage insurgents in Helmand province
03 Dec 2006 ISAF convoy struck by vehicle borne suicide bomber
03 Dec 2006 ANSF, ISAF together find explosives
03 Dec 2006 Communications centre opens in Parwan province
02 Dec 2006 SHAPE International School partners with Farah Girls’ School, donates school supplies
30 Nov 2006 ISAF soldier killed in vehicle rollover
30 Nov 2006 Torched school set to blaze path of education
30 Nov 2006 Major suicide cell disrupted in Helmand province
30 Nov 2006 Bomb kills two civilians in Kandahar
29 Nov 2006 Methar Lam PRT donates further supplies
28 Nov 2006 Two ISAF soldiers killed, two others wounded during combat patrol
28 Nov 2006 ISAF acts in self-defence, one killed
27 Nov 2006 Humanitarian aid arrives in Farah province
27 Nov 2006 Suicide car bomb kills two ISAF soldiers today in Kandahar City
27 Nov 2006 One ISAF soldier killed in road traffic accident
27 Nov 2006 Herat PRT and government officials provide 12,000 fruit trees to local farmers
27 Nov 2006 Tragic incident between ISAF troops and local national
26 Nov 2006 Suicide car bomb injures civilians
26 Nov 2006 ISAF assists following suicide attack in Paktika province
26 Nov 2006 One ISAF soldier killed in joint engagements in Southern Afghanistan
25 Nov 2006 Kabul Entry Point opening ceremony
25 Nov 2006 Local population asked to "Please Keep Back" from ISAF vehicles
24 Nov 2006 PRT facilitates fire fighting equipment donation
23 Nov 2006 One ISAF soldier killed and one injured in Ghazni province
23 Nov 2006 PRT and local leaders deliver supplies to villagers
23 Nov 2006 Incident involving ISAF troops and local nationals
22 Nov 2006 Kandahar Provincial Reconstruction Team conducts village medical outreach in Sha Wali Kot district
22 Nov 2006 ISAF forces successfully engage Taliban in Kunar province
22 Nov 2006 Taliban attacks village, destroys Afghan home
21 Nov 2006 Two ISAF soldiers injured by anti-personnel mine
21 Nov 2006 Newest PRT opens
21 Nov 2006 Mehtar Lam Provincial Reconstruction Team promotes health education for women and children
20 Nov 2006 OPERATION OQAB - Herat Provincial Reconstruction Team builds new school and paediatric hospital for local communities
20 Nov 2006 Humanitarian aid package for flood victims arrives in Badghis Province
19 Nov 2006 OPERATION OQAB - Herat Provincial Reconstruction Team carries out humanitarian aid in Farsi District
18 Nov 2006 ISAF donates new motorcycles to aid police mission in Ghowr province
17 Nov 2006 Water improvement project helps local shops and community
17 Nov 2006 Road reconstruction continues unabated
16 Nov 2006 Tragic incident involving ISAF troops and local nationals
15 Nov 2006 ISAF provides renewable electricity to 300 families
15 Nov 2006 Panjshir Provincial Coordination Centre opens
14 Nov 2006 ANP and ISAF remove IED threat
13 Nov 2006 ISAF remembers fallen comrades across Afghanistan
13 Nov 2006 Kandahar Provincial Reconstruction Team helps refurbish school in Pajwayi Bazaar
12 Nov 2006 ISAF's Region South receives air reinforcements
12 Nov 2006 ISAF Provincial Reconstruction Team supports two-week midwife training course in Ghowr
12 Nov 2006 ISAF donates Humvees to Afghan National Army
12 Nov 2006 ISAF destroys 20-year-old bomb located in residential area in Tarin Kowt
11 Nov 2006 Tripartite makes substantial progress during meeting in Kabul
11 Nov 2006 ISAF pursuit of arrest opportunity leads to death of Wali Mohammad Ibrimiki
09 Nov 2006 Joint ANA and ISAF forces defeat insurgent attacks in Paktika province
08 Nov 2006 ISAF supports Kabul City Police in breaking bomb making cell
07 Nov 2006 Herat Provincial Reconstruction Team builds new roof for school
07 Nov 2006 ISAF helps ANP enhance security of Ghowr provincial capital
07 Nov 2006 ISAF supports establishment of Kindergarten in Ghowr
07 Nov 2006 ISAF gives vital assistance to Paktya schools
07 Nov 2006 One ISAF Soldier killed, 2 wounded in roadside explosion in Kandahar province
06 Nov 2006 Regional Command Capital charity donation
05 Nov 2006 Meymaneh provincial reconstruction team complete another police station
04 Nov 2006 Panjshir PRT treats patients and helps Afghans prepare for winter
02 Nov 2006 Afghanistan, ISAF celebrates opening of Command and General Staff College
02 Nov 2006 Government of Afghanistan and ISAF open electrical power plant in Alishang
01 Nov 2006 ISAF convoy targeted by suicide bomb in Kandahar
31 Oct 2006 Road reconstruction continues unabated
31 Oct 2006 Operation OQAB maintains security around Kabul
31 Oct 2006 Three ISAF soldiers killed by roadside bomb in Nuristan
31 Oct 2006 Operation OQAB continues; 12 insurgents killed in Kandahar Province
30 Oct 2006 Operation OQAB continues; 55 insurgents, one ISAF soldier killed in Zabul Province
29 Oct 2006 Updated battle damage assessment: More insurgents dead in Uruzgan province
28 Oct 2006 One ISAF soldier killed in Uruzgan province
28 Oct 2006 Joint ANA, ISAF operation kills 55 insurgents in Uruzgan province
28 Oct 2006 ISAF/MOD joint investigation underway
27 Oct 2006 ISAF medical facility treats local nationals injured by improvised explosive device
27 Oct 2006 ISAF clarifies position on Sangin
25 Oct 2006 ISAF in heavy fighting in Kandahar Province
25 Oct 2006 ANP and ISAF seize record amount of hashish
24 Oct 2006 New well benefits Rohka District school children
24 Oct 2006 ISAF and ANA together confiscate $5.5 million worth of opium in Farah
24 Oct 2006 One local killed, two injured during mortar test firing in Kunar Province
24 Oct 2006 Bomb making materials seized in Laghman Province
22 Oct 2006 USAID and ISAF makes strides in developing Paktia
22 Oct 2006 ISAF kills 15 insurgents in Zabul Province
22 Oct 2006 ISAF helps build new Mosque in Paktya, in time for celebrations
22 Oct 2006 ISAF Provides $34,000 of medical equipment to Kandahar Nursing School
21 Oct 2006 Supporting education in Eastern Afghanistan
21 Oct 2006 ISAF medical team treat locals in Zabul Province
20 Oct 2006 ISAF spends $ 222,000 on schools in Paktya Province
20 Oct 2006 ISAF air strike kills 5 insurgents in Paktika Province
19 Oct 2006 Investigation reveals no ISAF airspace infringement
19 Oct 2006 ISAF help local community prepare for the traditional holiday meal
19 Oct 2006 ISAF funds new $130,000 orphanage for Farah City
18 Oct 2006 ISAF aircraft supports police in battle against Taliban
18 Oct 2006 ISAF conduct operation in Kandahar Province
18 Oct 2006 Three Schools Open in Ghazni District
17 Oct 2006 ANA and ISAF kill up to 20 insurgents in Paktika
17 Oct 2006 ISAF and Coalition forces combine to kill known Taliban leader
16 Oct 2006 Suicide bomb kills 3 locals in Kandahar
16 Oct 2006 ISAF troops kill 4 insurgents in Kunar Province
14 Oct 2006 Two ISAF soldiers killed in Kandahar Province
14 Oct 2006 Local National Shot by ISAF Troops in Kandahar City
14 Oct 2006 Nine suspected insurgents arrested in Kabul
13 Oct 2006 Suicide Bomber kills 8 Afghan Civilians and one ISAF soldier in Kandahar
12 Oct 2006 25 Insurgents, one local killed in Tarin Kowt, Uruzgan Province
12 Oct 2006 More tragedy as the Taliban use youths to plant IEDs
12 Oct 2006 Command Change at Regional Command North
12 Oct 2006 U.S. Soldier dead in Southern Afghanistan
11 Oct 2006 Khogyani District gets a new courthouse
11 Oct 2006 $284,800 project in Ghanzi progressing well
11 Oct 2006 ISAF to spend $3 million on infrastructure projects in Kandahar Province
10 Oct 2006 Gomal leaders kick-off district centre project
09 Oct 2006 ISAF-ANA kill 52 insurgents in Uruzgan Province
07 Oct 2006 Suicide bombers kill one and wound 15 in East
07 Oct 2006 Construction of Teachers Training Institute is on track
07 Oct 2006 ISAF soldier killed in Southern Afghanistan
06 Oct 2006 ISAF treats over 800 people in Kunduz
05 Oct 2006 Statement by the Secretary General on expansion of NATOs operation in Afghanistan
05 Oct 2006 NATO assumes command in Eastern Afghanistan
04 Oct 2006 Her Royal Highness The Princess Royal visits British soldiers in Afghanistan
04 Oct 2006 ISAF spends $35,000 providing free medical care
03 Oct 2006 One ISAF soldier killed, one presumed dead, eight injured in Kandahar
02 Oct 2006 Operation Wyconda Rib begins in Farah Province
02 Oct 2006 ISAF medical staffs train ANA Medics in Farah Province
02 Oct 2006 Post Op Medusa development continues
02 Oct 2006 Six injured in Kabul Explosion
01 Oct 2006 ISAF Funds New Community Centre In Farah Province
30 Sept 2006 ISAF deliver 17 tons of food aid in Badghis Province
29 Sep 2006 One ISAF soldier killed
28 Sep 2006 Explosion in Herat province
27 Sep 2006 ANSF kill 25 insurgents in Helmand Province
27 Sep 2006 No ISAF Casualties Following Suicide Attack In Kandahar Province
26 Sep 2006 Suicide bomb inflicts multiple civilian casualties in Lashkar Gah
26 Sep 2006 One ISAF soldier and one child killed in Kabul IED
25 Sep 2006 20 Insurgents killed in Uruzgan contacts
25 Sep 2006 Op Medusa Update - Reconstruction Planning Well Underway In Panjwayi And Zhari Districts
25 Sep 2006 Weapon cache found by Kabul city police
24 Sep 2006 Three hundred children visit ISAF camp in Ghor
24 Sep 2006 Feyzabad - "tangible evidence of progress"
23 Sep 2006 8 Insurgent Casualties following an RPG attack on a support helicopter in Helmand Province
24 Sep 2006 15 Insurgents killed in Gereshk
23 Sep 2006 ISAF troops assist ambushed ANP in Uruzgan Province
23 Sep 2006 Operation Wyconda Pincer draws down in Farah Province
22 Sep 2006 ISAF give essential medical care to Afghan boy
21 Sep 2006 Operation Medusa Update - Material Assistance And Reconstruction Underway In Panjwayi/Zhari Districts
21 Sep 2006 Operation Wyconda Pincer takes ISAF forces to Shewan, Farah Province
21 Sep 2006 ISAF donate $5,000 of carpet weaving equipment in Farah City
21 Sep 2006 ISAF improve safety for police in Tarin Kowt
21 Sep 2006 ISAF soldier dies, 2 injured in Kabul road accident
20 Sep 2006 ISAF helps Balkh Province cope with accidental hospital fire
20 Sep 2006 NATO nations give emergency help following Operation Medusa
20 Sep 2006 Several suspects detained following IED strike in Kandahar Province
20 Sep 2006 ISAF conduct joint training with Afghan National Army Units
20 Sep 2006 ISAF mount rescue attempt in Southern Afghanistan
20 Sep 2006 ISAF soldiers kill up to 10 insurgents and destroy 3 vehicles in Garmsir
20 Sep 2006 ISAF vets treat Afghan livestock
17 Sep 2006 Afghan Security Forces supported by
ISAF rescue Government workers
17 Sep 2006 Op MEDUSA success in Panjwayi/Zhari Districts
17 Sep 2006 Insurgent suicide bomb wounds three locals in Kandahar
16 Sep 2006 17 insurgents killed placing explosive devices in Uruzgan Province
16 Sep 2006 ISAF Spend 300,000 Euros to fight Drought in Badghis Province
16 Sep 2006 Shops damaged in Taliban attack reopen in Kandahar
16 Sep 2006 ISAF pledge $190,000 to repair vital bridge in Farah
16 Sep 2006 ISAF build new Mosque at Afghan National Army Camp
14 Sep 2006 The Secretary General today welcomed the Polish offer
14 Sep 2006 Australian Reconstruction Task Force On The Ground
13 Sep 2006 Australian Reconstruction Task Force deployed to Afghanistan
13 Sep 2006 Operation MEDUSA update for Sept 13
13 Sep 2006 ISAF provide anaesthesia equipment and training for Maimana Provincial Hospital
12 Sep 2006 Locals help prevent injury and death
12 Sep 2006 Failed Insurgent attack on ISAF convoy in Balkh District
12 Sep 2006 Operation MEDUSA Update for 12 Sep
12 Sep 2006 ISAF interdict insurgents and detain seven
11 Sep 2006 Afghan Forces, supported by ISAF Troops, drive insurgents from Garmsir District center
11 Sep 2006 ISAF medically evacuate Afghans in urgent need
11 Sep 2006 ISAF deliver desks for school in Ghor Province
11 Sep 2006 Operation Medusa Update for Sept 11
10 Sep 2006 Two Coalition soldiers killed in separate incidents
10 Sep 2006 Operation Medusa Update
09 Sep 2006 Operation Medusa Update for Sept 9
08 Sep 2006 Operation Medusa Update for Sept 8
08 Sep 2006 ISAF Troops wounded in Farah
07 Sep 2006 Operation Medusa Update
07 Sep 2006 Kabul City Police prevent loss of life
06 Sep 2006 ISAF soldier dies 4 wounded in mortar attack
06 Sep 2006 ISAF Fund School Construction In Farah
06 Sep 2006 ISAF soldier killed and several injured in minefield
06 Sep 2006 ISAF investigates claim of civilian casualties
05 Sep 2006 Operation Medusa Update
05 Sep 2006 ISAF Help Injured Boys Following Mine Explosion
04 Sep 2006 Explosion in Kabul Update
04 Sep 2006 Friendly Fire Incident in Southern Afghanistan
03 Sep 2006 Afghan and ISAF troops keep pressure up on Taliban in Panjwayi district
03 Sep 2006 Operation Medusa Update
03 Sep 2006 COMISAF message of condolence following aircraft crash
02 Sep 2006 Aircraft crashes in southern Afghanistan
02 Sep 2006 Afghan, NATO forces commence stability operations in Panjwayi district of Kandahar
01 Sep 2006 ISAF police action prevents car bomb attack
01 Sep 2006 ISAF soldier killed, one wounded in Northern Helmand
31 August 2006 NATO-ISAF aircraft crash
30 August 2006 ISAF helps jumpstart school construction in the west
29 August 2006 Two Afghans killed, one wounded in failed bomb attack against
ISAF convoy
28 August 2006 Lashkar Gah suicide bomber kills 17, injures 47 civilians
28 August 2006 Kabul police and ISAF troops team up to tackle dangerous weapons cache
27 August 2006 One ISAF soldier killed one wounded in action
26 August 2006 Vehicle checkpoint incidents result in one killed, six injured
26 August 2006 ISAF artillery strike against insurgents in Musa Qala
25 August 2006 Danish troops return after long-running operation in Musa Qala
23 August 2006 One civilian dies and one injured during shooting following suicide attack in Kandahar
23 August 2006 ISAF destroys Taliban ambush party in Kandahar province
23 August 2006 ISAF Soldier dies of wounds
22 August 2006 ISAF vehicle patrol attacked by suspected suicide car bomber
22 August 2006 NATO-ISAF troops defeat attack
20 August 2006 Insurgent booby trap injures Afghan boys
20 August 2006 Dozens of Taliban killed in Afghan-ISAF operations in Panjwayi
19 August 2006 Uruzgan firefight leaves two dead and three wounded
18 August 2006 ISAF patrol uninjured by suicide bombing near Tarin Kowt
17 August 2006 PRT Farah EOD team recovers explosives from Citadel
16 August 2006 ISAF PRT treats 400 patients at local clinic
16 August 2006 First anniversary commemoration of the Spanish helicopter accident in Herat
15 August 2006 ISAF donate motorcycles to Afghan Police in Ghor
14 August 2006 First Mosque built inside ISAF base
12 August 2006 ISAF Soldier killed
12 August 2006 NATO-ISAF troops will remain in Helmand province
11 August 2006 ISAF Soldier killed
10 August 2006 ISAF launch joint security operations in Kateh Qala area
10 August 2006 ISAF run training course for Afghan policemen
10 August 2006 Tragic road accident in Kabul
10 August 2006 ISAF medical unit helps save woman at local hospital
10 August 2006 Uruzgan Government Officials start computer training
09 August 2006 ISAF soldier killed
09 August 2006 ISAF soldier dies in weapons accident in Kandahar
09 August 2006 ISAF vehicle collides with civilian cargo truck, injuring six soldiers in Kandahar
09 August 2006 ISAF soldier wounded in Musa Qala
09 August 2006 ISAF assists political solution to frictions in Kata Qala
08 August 2006 Accidental smoke grenade discharge by ISAF vehicle
08 August 2006 Afghan policeman mistakenly shot
07 August 2006 Change of Command Camp Warehouse
07 August 2006 ISAF create Security Coordination Centre in Baghlan province
07 August 2006 ISAF and Afghan police working to improve security in the North
06 August 2006 ISAF patrol discovers weapons, bomb-making materials in Uruzgan province
06 August 2006 ISAF soldier killed in Musa Qala
05 August 2006 One ISAF soldier dead, three others wounded in vehicle accident in Kandahar province
05 August 2006 ISAF Doctors provide medical treatment for local Afghans in Kunduz
05 August 2006 Massoud Memorial renovated and opened for the Afghan people
04 August 2006 Two roadside bom attacks fail against ISAF vehicle patrol in Maywand
03 August 2006 NATO civilian and military address Parliamentary Commitee Heads
03 August 2006 Three ISAF soldiers killed, six wounded infirefight with insurgents in Kandahar province
03 August 2006 One ISAF soldier killed, four wounded during operations along Highway 1 in Kandahar
02 August 2006 ISAF saves a injured girl
02 August 2006 ISAF soldier wounded in northern Helmand
01 August 2006 Three ISAF soldiers killed by insurgents in northern Helmand
01 August 2006 Kabul International Airport Change of Command
31 July 2006 Authority transfers from Coalition to NATO/ISAF in southern provinces of Afghanistan
27 July 2006 ISAF to provide safe, reliable water supply for district in drought-stricken Farah province
08 July 2006 ISAF soldier dies from injuries inflicted by IED, four injured
06 July 2006 KMNB help as narcotics go up in smoke
06 July 2006 4th Of July
04 July 2006 Dinner attracts top development experts and entrepreneurs
04 July 2006 ISAF awards building contract to Afghan firms
01 July 2006 ISAF helping to secure development in Ghor Province
03 July 2006 Farah a model for future operations - ISAF Commander
01 July 2006 ISAF train Afghan Police
01 July 2006 Donation to two schools in Shewaki village
29 June 2006 President Karzai praises ISAF work in Baghlan
27 June 2006 Suicide bomber kills and injures civilians
28 June 2006 School fire victim medically evacuated by ISAF returns home
28 June 2006 ISAF reaches out to villages in west with medical assistance
28 June 2006 New ANA camp underway for Faryab Province
19 June 2006 Youths injured in tragic school fire treated by ISAF
04 June 2006 Afghan National Cricet Team prepare for England tour
30 May 2006 NATO troops rescue EU diplomats in Kabul
28 May 2006 NATO Parliamentary Assembly delegates visit poor, remote region of Afghanistan
21 May 2006 Two die in motorcycle crash with military vehicle
15 May 2006 French military engineer killed in de-mining operation
05 May 2006 ISAF Patrol attacked in IED incident
04 May 2006 Allied Rapid Reaction Corps takes over NATO mission in Afghanistan
28 Apr 2006 UNAMA/ISAF PRT Conference
27 Apr 2006 Joint ANP and ISAF effort prevents IED attack
21 Apr 2006 Opening ceremony cf reconstructed Khojazanbore Wali
18 Apr 2006 ISAF joint training with Afghan National Army
17 Apr 2006 Spanish patrol find a weapon and ammunition cache
11 Apr 2006 Statement from Commander ISAF, Lieutenant General Del Vecchio on the murder of medical workers in Badghis province
08 Apr 2006 Explosion in proximity of Italian PRT in Herat
06 Apr 2006 NATO Military Committee visits Afghanistan
05 Apr 2006 Sheberghan ceremony marks International Day for Mine Awareness
04 Apr 2006 Italian patrol find a weapon and ammunition cache
02 Apr 2006 ISAF/KMNB repairs the Desperado road
01 Apr 2006 Change of command Kabul International Airport
21 Mar 2006 Teacher hands over large weapons cache
20 Mar 2006 New Year Message of the NATO Senior Civilian Representative, Mr. Hikmet Cetin
20 Mar 2006 New Year Message of Commander ISAF, Lieutenant General Del Vecchio
16 Mar 2006 UK forces handover command of Mazar-e-Sharif PRT to Swedish control
14 Mar 2006 Biggest ever cache of weapons seized
06 Mar 2006 Italian Army corporal injured in bombing returns to Afghanistan
04 Mar 2006 AFGHAN National Police, National Directorate of Security and ISAF Forces deal with attempted rocket attack in Feyzabad
04 Mar 2006 ISAF builds two new schools in Qara Bagh District, Herat
02 Mar 2006 Dr Masooda Jalal visits ISAF Headquarters on 1 March
22 Feb 2006 ISAF vechicles involved in attack in Kondoz
08 Feb 2006 ISAF shows restraint during violent demonstrations in Meymaneh
05 Feb 2006 ISAF assists in relief efforts to help avalanche-hit village in Northern-Afghanistan
03 Feb 2006 Weapons cache recovered in West Kabul valley
25 Jan 2006 ISAF troops in herat support base provide additional treatment to explosion victims
25 Jan 2006 ISAF intensifies search operations: Three ammunition caches recovered north of Kabul
22 Jan 2006 The Italian Army Chief of Staff delivers two ambulances to Afghan Health Ministry
18 Jan 2006 ISAF helicopters deliver relief supplies to landslide-hit northern Afghan village
10 Jan 2006 Spanish ISAF troops give hope to Afghan burn victim
07 Jan 2006 Ammunition cache recovered and destroyed in Farah Province