Updated: 17-Nov-2006 Release

ISAF Soldiers Attacked in Kabul -
One Killed Four Injured

Release #2005-93
14 November, 2005

Kabul, Afghanistan - Today military personnel, serving with NATO’s International Security Assistance Force in Kabul, were involved in two separate attacks on the Capital’s Jalalabad Road during which a German soldier died and a further 2 German and 2 Greek soldiers were wounded.

The first incident took place near the Joint Electoral Management Body (JEMB) building at around 1500 hours, when the car in which the German soldiers were travelling in was rammed by another vehicle which exploded killing the driver and one German soldier, seriously injuring 2 others as well as injuring 3 civilians and 2 Afghan National Policemen on guard outside the JEMB. ISAF emergency services immediately evacuated the injured, including the 5 civilians, to ISAF’s military hospital where they are currently receiving treatment. The local Kabul City Police (KCP) quickly arrived at the scene and immediately assisted ISAF troops in securing the area.

The second explosion occurred at around 1630 hours 300metres West of the first incident and involved two ISAF vehicles. Two Greek soldiers were lightly injured when a second improvised explosive device (IED) was detonated. In addition, 1 small boy was killed during this attack and a further 2 civilians injured.

After the second explosion, at approximately 1705 hours, a car was observed approaching the security perimeter at high speed. ISAF troops assessed the vehicle as a threat and fired several rounds at it, causing the car to come to a halt at the side of the road. At this stage it is known that one of the individuals inside the vehicle was killed; a full investigation into the afternoon’s incidents has begun.

ISAF wishes to offer its condolences to the family of the deceased and express its regret to those involved. ISAF condemns today’s attacks, which will not deter the force from carrying out its mission of helping the Afghan people to build self-sustaining peace, security and democracy.