06 Aug. 2008

New NATO TV videos: ANA takes the initiative in Helmand

The Afghan National Army (ANA) is conducting operations in Helmand province together with ISAF forces, setting the security conditions for the implementation of reconstruction projects in the area.

Joint patrols are conducted to increase security in local villages and to prevent insurgents from threatening reconstruction activities. Projects include the refurbishment of the Kajaki dam which provides electricity as well as irrigation control for the Helmand and Kandahar provinces.

ISAF Operational Mentoring Liaison Teams (OMLTs) are providing the ANA with advanced training whilst conducting operations in which Afghan soldiers improve their skills in launching security operations, looking after their personnel and dealing with intelligence. As the operational training progresses, ANA soldiers steadily assume a leading role during joint patrols.

“When the people see that it’s the ANA who are leading the patrol and ISAF are supporting them, not ISAF leading the patrol and ISAF trundling behind them, that’s key. And they fully understand that the Government of Afghanistan do have control in Helmand” said Captain Doug Beattie, Commander of UK-led OMLT.

Today, security operations conducted by Task Force Helmand are largely focused on the northern part of the province, particularly the Sangin / Musa Qala / Kajaki triangle. Different projects are being funded and implemented in the region by the ISAF Provincial Reconstruction Team Lashkar-Gah and the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), in coordination with the Afghan government.

The ever increasing presence of Afghan soldiers taking responsibility for security is key to achieving long-term success for the ISAF mission.

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