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23 May 2008

ISAF conducts counterinsurgency and relief operation

Kabul, Afghanistan– Two five-man teams from Zabul Provincial Reconstruction team (PRT), Regional Command South, participated in a counterinsurgency and relief operation in the Shinkay district, southern Zabul province. The operation, which took place from 28 April to 15 May, was led by the 101st Airborne Division and conducted with the Afghan National Army (ANA).

The operation consisted of securing 12 identified villages in the valley south of Highway 1, including clearing homes of insurgent forces and their weapons caches. “We did find some weapon caches with AK-47s, older rifles, pistols, knives, pressure plate making materials and other items,” said Army Staff Sgt. Franklin Hinkle, Zabul PRT non-commissioned officer in charge of a five-man team. “We also found three large containers of pure opium.”

Once the security operation completed, doctors, physician assistants and medics from both the Zabul PRT and 101st Airborne provided free healthcare to villagers, while civil affairs representatives distributed humanitarian aid.

“Our task was to promote governance by providing humanitarian aid and free healthcare for villagers,” said Doctor (Capt.) James Arnold, Zabul PRT. Out of the 12 villages in the district, the teams provided humanitarian aid to four and village medical outreach to six.

Army Capt. Robert Papallo, team leader for the second five-man team, led efforts to distribute humanitarian aid. “We provided 80 five-kilogram bags of rice, flour and beans, 15 bags of salt and sugar, 80 radios, 75 hygiene kits, 90 first aid kits and 10 tool kits to several villages.”

Throughout the almost three week mission, Afghan National Army (ANA) personnel led house searches and an ANA nurse helped military medical personnel, who treated nearly 700 patients.

“This mission was very successful,” said Capt. Papallo. “We got into the villages to see how people lived; we had a couple of days to converse with them and see what their worries and concerns are.”

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