19 May 2008

ISAF RC-West Chief of Staff Handover

KABUL, Afghanistan– Colonel Alberto Ambrona Vega handed the Spanish position of Regional Command West (RC-W) Chief of Staff (COS) to Colonel Javier Varela Salas on 14 May. RC-W Commander Brigadier General Francesco Arena attended the ceremony.

“When I started my mission here I promised to be loyal to the RC-W commander and all the staff,” said Colonel Ambrona, “and I received much more back from you all. I have often heard that multinational HQ means weak HQ. On the contrary, a multinational HQ is the strongest tool to achieve common goals.” Turning to Colonel Varela he added, “Trust your staff, they know what they do.” At the end of his speech, Colonel Ambrona was awarded with the NATO medal.

“I am honoured to take the position of RC-W COS,” said Colonel Varela. “Our mission is important because supporting the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan in the development of the country means also helping to construct a safer international community. I will do my best to keep up with the outstanding level of proficiency maintained by my predecessor. General Arena you can count on my cooperation and loyalty.”

General Arena thanked Colonel Ambrona for all the support he has given to the mission. “Arriving in a complex environment like this a commander needs people like you to be supported and you did it in a great way.” He added, “Colonel Varela, I’m sure that with your skills and professionalism we will achieve many successes.”

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