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24 Apr. 2008

ISAF to extend a comprehensive health clinic in Logar province

The Czech Republic-led PRT will commence the construction of a new building for the existing Comprehensive Health Clinic in Mohammad Agha, Logar Province. The clinic will provide beds for 20 patients in Mohammad Agha district. The Ground Breaking Ceremony took place on 22 April.

The new building with plumbing system and all necessary amenities will have separate sections for men and women, a pharmacy, staff office and a vaccination laboratory.

“Reconstruction in and support of the public health system in Logar province is one of our priorities and we will continue to cooperate with Lowgar authorities to define the most serious problems and search for solutions” said Vaclav Pecha, the Head of the Czech-led PRT’s civilian part.  The new building is scheduled to open its doors for patients in fall.

The Czech Provincial Reconstruction Team (PRT) deployment consists of up to 10 civilian experts and about 200 troops. Its purpose is to contribute to the development of Lowgar province, strengthen the role of the Afghan government and enable its people to take greater role in their everyday lives.

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