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07 Apr. 2008

Highlight: Provincial Reconstruction Team Panjshir’s reconstruction activities

Bagram Airfield, Afghanistan – Provincial Reconstruction Team (PRT) Panjshir is supervising three infrastructure construction projects in the mountainous district of Khenj, March 2008.

The first project relates to the construction of the new Khenj District’s Justice Centre. With completion due in January 2009, this USD 220,000 project is part of the PRT’s wider support to good governance.  

Other projects include the construction of a schoolbook repository and the Pukh High school project, a two-floor 16-room reinforced structure which will soon accommodate up to 3,000 students. Construction of the two facilities is carried out by local contractors and standard design for the school was produced by the Afghan Ministry of education. Thanks to the support of the PRT engineers, it was possible to make use of new technological features such as metal seam roofs and handicap-accessible ramps.

The PRT’s supervising duties include the conduct of daily site assessments, quality control missions and the preparation of natural disaster response measures. PRT engineers liaise directly with Afghan local authorities and contractors throughout completion of the projects.

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