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20 Mar. 2008

Qalat PRT commits to a new future in Zabul province

QALAT, Afghanistan – Qalat provincial reconstruction team (PRT) members attended a jirga - or community meeting - in the Zabul Provincial Conference Center on 20 March 2008. The Center, acquired by Zabul province authorities in January 2008, was financed using Commander’s Emergency Relief Program funds.

More than 250 Afghan men from each of the eleven districts attended the jirga in which were discussed a number of issues, including security and education in Zabul province.

The commander of Qalat PRT, US Air Force Lt. Col. Bryce Brakman, addressed the audience. “It is my belief that security comes from a community, united, working together with a strong leader connected to his people,” he said.

He added: “Like each of you, I am committed to building a new future; a future with job opportunity, commerce, education, and health care and a place where the children of Zabul will thrive in security and stability”.

The mission of Qalat PRT is to conduct civil-military operations in Zabul Province in order to extend the reach and legitimacy of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan. Efforts include promoting good governance and justice, training and mentoring the Afghan National Security Forces and developing projects aimed at supporting reconstruction and development in the region.

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