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14 Feb. 2008

Operation Firtina

Regional Command Capital Surgeons provide Basic Medical Assistance in Kabul’s rural remote areas

Over one thousand persons were visited and treated by Regional Command Capital’s surgeons in cooperation with Afghan medical services during a one-week operation named “Firtina” which ended last Saturday in the area of Bagrami, south of Kabul.

Throughout the week, local leaders and elders were engaged by the Turkish battlegroup operating in the area, to promote development and governance and to assess the actual needs of the population, especially during the extremely harsh winter that is currently affecting Afghanistan.

Joint teams composed by Afghan National Army Medics along with Turkish, French, US and Italian military surgeons provided basic health care to people suffering of various pathologies like gastritis, artralgy and bronchitis.

Blankets and winter clothes were also donated to those households designated by the Maleks (the heads of village) according to urgency.

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