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08 Nov 2007

ISAF gives seven villages in Baghlan pure water

Thanks to the co-operation of the Hungarian Provincial Reconstruction Team Pol-e Khumri and ISAF Regional Command North, the population of seven villages in Dahana Ghori District, Baghlan province, now has access to pure drinking water.

The new pipeline, built through the moutainous area and now stretching over a total distance of 35 kilometers, provides fresh drinkable water for more than 15,000 in habitants of Dahana Ghori.

The water pipeline project started one year ago. The total costs were approximately USD 160,000. Each step of the construction was discussed with the leaders of the villages. Supported by civil organisations, the digging and laying of the pipelines was done by local workers.

The lack of drinkable water in the district had far-reaching consequences on the locals’ daily life as well as on the development of agriculture. A young happy Afghan boy said the water pipeline even gave him the opportunity to go back to school, having no longer the obligation to walk many kilometers every day to fetch water from a well away from his village.

Major Illes Csordas, a Hungarian PRT member responsible for the project, said that, “during the project, different specialists closely worked together – soldiers from the logistic platoon with the infantry company and our health group to the CIMIC group”. Other ISAF nations were involved. As Captain Michael Hofmann from Regional Command North CIMIC group pointed out: “this mutual work provided again the truth of our slogan: one team – one mission”.

(Story by OR-8 Erika Varga)

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