26 Jun 2007

Mehtar Lam team trains Afghan police

For almost four months, a dedicated team at the Mehtar Lam Provincial Reconstruction Team has been helping Afghan National Police (ANP) and Afghan National Auxiliary Police (ANAP) developd their law enforcement skills.

The Police Technical Advisory Team (PTAT) has been providing training in community policing, use of force, hand-to-hand combat, searching and handcuffing, ethics, riot control, rifle fighting, offensive and defensive tactics, as well as other skills.

First-line defenders

To date, the programme has trained more than 200 ANP and ANAP students.  “By the end of our tour”, said PTAT chief, Staff Sgt. Daniel Smith, “we will have touched virtually every ANAP and ANP in the Laghman province”.

“Training of the ANP and ANAP are critical to the long-term stability of Afghanistan”, said Col. Robert Ricci, Mehtar Lam PRT Commander. “The ANP and ANAP are the first-line defender against insurgents and general crimes to the public”.

The training of the ANP and ANAP happens in several stages. First, individuals are trained at the Regional Training Center in Jalalabad for basic policy duty. Then, their law-enforcement skills are broadened at the PTAT one-week course. There, they concentrate primarily on tactical-level tasks and capabilities. Finally, the individuals are placed back in their district units where they can put into practice what the PTAT is teaching.

“It is always a good feeling when people come back to the base and say the ANP are doing a great job out there, showcasing their newly learned skills, and saying that they learned it from the PTAT teachers”, said Smith. “It is a great feeling to know that the subjects you teach to these people could be the very item that helps them save a life”.

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