22 Aug 2007

ISAF troops help NGO, orphans

A group from ISAF HQ has been providing assistance to Global Point Afghanistan, a non-governmental organization that provides schooling and alternative education for orphans and street children.

Lt. Colonel Roberston, currently assigned to the International Security Assistance Force Headquarters in Kabul, got together with his comrades to see what they could do to help these children in the capital. “It started out with one of our local NGOs. We were helping them out with providing some basic school supplies and toys for the children,” Colonel Robertson said. “The more we worked with them, the more we realized they needed much more”.

According to Director Ramazan Zaib, Global Point Afghanistan’s programs have struggled this year due to lack of funding. “We work for orphans and street children. This is so important to us because these children are the future of Afghanistan. Unfortunately, we don’t have the possibility even to pay rent on our facility, or to pay teachers’ salaries,” Mr. Zaib said.

Because of decades of war and turmoil, Afghanistan is extremely poor and many of the nearly 500 children helped by Global Point are not orphans in the true sense, but without a parent to provide for them. They are left to get money by any means possible to support their families, Mr. Zaib said.

By enlisting the help of the people at home and home station, Colonel Robertson and his colleagues made a difference. They found a source for the provision of shoes, school supplies, and more importantly, to pay for three months rent for the NGO’s facility. The school supplies were taken to Global Point and the shoes were distributed to the kids in a visit made by the group on 23 June 2007.

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