ISAF Troops in Numbers (Placemat)

The NATO-ISAF Placemat sets out the approximate numbers of forces provided to ISAF by Allied and other contributing nations, the location and lead of Provincial Reconstruction Teams, and the countries responsible for ISAF Regional Commands.

Since February 2009, the Placemat shows the approximate size and location of the Afghan National Army.
Since June 2009, the Placemat displays major ISAF units.



Current placemat: Valid as of 22 Oct. 2009 (PDF 2.73MB) - Source: ISAF


Older placemats:


  01 Oct. 2009(2.74MB) Jul. 2009 (2.75MB) Jun. 2009 (174KB)
Apr. 2009 (215KB) Mar. 2009 (226KB) Feb. 2009 (162KB) Jan. 2009 (399KB)



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Jun. 2008 (174KB) Apr. 2008 (189KB) Feb. 2008 (222KB)  



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