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Focus series on the 7 countries invited to join NATO:




29/03/2004 - NATO
Seven new members join NATO
26/03/2003 - NATO
Accession protocols signed
14/03/2003 - NATO
Seven invitees participate in C3 Board meeting
27/02/2003 - NATO
Secretary General visits Lithuania, Latvia and Romania
29/01/2003 - NATO
NATO Update: NATO begins accession talks with invitees
Senior Partner Government Officials

NATO Invitee Ministers of Foreign Affairs

NATO Invitee Chiefs of Staff

NATO Invitee Ministers of Defence

Permanent representative to NATO for Romania
Video interview with Ambassador Bogdan Mazuru

National Hymn of Romania

Photogallery of Romania

November 2002 - NATO
The Road to NATO membership

The Romanian National Flag


Romanian Presidency

Romanian Government

The Euro-Atlantic Council of Romania

Romania became a NATO partner country in 1991. At the November 2002 Prague Summit, along with six other countries it was invited to join the Alliance.

Romania in NATO

Official contacts began in July 1990, when the Prime Minister of Romania, Mr. Petre Roman wrote a letter to the then NATO Secretary General, Manfred Worner, inviting him to visit Romania. The letter also suggested the accreditation of a Romanian Ambassador to NATO.

Romania's contribution to NATO

A selection of photo's highlighting Romania's contribution to NATO's operations and international military missions, such as in Afghanistan and Iraq.


Looking to NATO membership

"Membership in NATO will be for Romania the same solid guarantee for defense and security enjoyed by all members of the Alliance in the past 55 years. This guarantee is very important for the development of a stable, democratic and prosperous Romania," said Ambassador Bogdan Mazuru in a special interview for the NATO Web site.

Romania at a glance

Romania's location sits astride one of the most strategically important areas of the world. Located in the Southeastern Region of Central Europe, Romania is nearly at the exact north-south/east-west geographic center between Europe and Asia.