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29/03/2004 - NATO
Seven new members join NATO
10-12/03/2004 - NATO
Secretary General visits Baltic States
18/02/2004 - NATO
NATO AWACS to visit Latvia and Lithuania
26/03/2003 - NATO
Accession protocols signed
14/03/2003 - NATO
Seven invitees participate in C3 Board meeting
27/02/2003 - NATO
Secretary General visits Lithuania, Latvia and Romania
29/01/2003 - NATO
NATO Update: NATO begins accession talks with invitees
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November 2002 - NATO
The Road to NATO membership

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Lithuania became a NATO partner country in 1991. At the November 2002 Prague Summit, along with six other countries it was invited to join the Alliance.

Lithuania in NATO

From 13 to 16 March 1992, the NATO Secretary General, Manfred Wörner, visited the Baltic States for the first time, at the invitation of the Governments of Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia.

Operations abroad

As an invited member of NATO and the European Union, the Republic of Lithuania plays a role in promoting security abroad and in combating international threats. Since 1994, the Lithuanian Armed Forces have demonstrated this commitment by deploying over 1,300 servicemen on missions to the Balkans and, most recently, Afghanistan and Iraq.

Looking to NATO membership

"I think our first expectation is that this is a full legitimization of our return to the European and transatlantic family of nations. So with this membership comes our return to the Euro-Atlantic mainstream," said Ambassador Ginte Damusis, Head of Lithuania's mission to NATO, in a special video interview for the NATO Web site.

Lithuania’s road to NATO in cartoons

“Lithuania’s road to NATO in cartoons” is a light-hearted look at a serious subject. Twenty-two political cartoonists took part in a public information campaign and competition, sponsored by the Lithuanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which resulted in a popular travelling exhibit in and outside of Lithuania. Even though NATO business is no laughing matter, this humorous perception of the Alliance and Lithuanian integration efforts will, at the very least, provoke a smile.

Lithuania at a glance

  • National Day: February 16, when Lithuania declared its independence in 1918
  • Lithuanian flag: Yellow, green and red
  • Area: 65,200 sq. km
  • Baltic Sea coastline: 99 km
  • Population in 2003: 3.46 million
  • Ethnic composition: 80.6% Lithuanian, 8.7% Russian, 7% Polish, 1.6% Belorussian, 2.1% other nationalities
  • Religion: Predominantly Roman Catholic