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Focus series on the 7 countries invited to join NATO:




29/03/2004 - NATO
Seven new members join NATO
10-12/03/2004 - NATO
Secretary General visits Baltic States
18/02/2004 - NATO
NATO AWACS to visit Latvia and Lithuania
26/03/2003 - NATO
Accession protocols signed
14/03/2003 - NATO
Seven invitees participate in C3 Board meeting
27/02/2003 - NATO
Secretary General visits Lithuania, Latvia and Romania
29/01/2003 - NATO
NATO begins accession talks with invitees
Senior Partner Government Officials

NATO Invitee Ministers of Foreign Affairs

NATO Invitee Chiefs of Staff

NATO Invitee Ministers of Defence

Permanent representative to NATO for Latvia

Textbook: "NATO and Latvia's security", published by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs
In Latvian (PDF/3496kb)
In Russian (PDF/3458kb)

Video interview with Ambassador Liegis
Welcome to Latvia
Photogallery of Latvia
Latvia’s Specialized Capabilities

November 2002 - NATO
The Road to NATO membership

Latvia has been a NATO partner country since 1991. It is one of seven countries that were invited to begin accession talks to join the Alliance at the 2002 Prague Summit.

Latvia in NATO

Latvia was a founding member of the North Atlantic Cooperation Council (NACC), the first NATO forum for cooperation with partner countries.

Latvia's contribution to NATO

Latvia’s National Armed Forces have participated in all NATO-led peace operations in Balkans since 1996. Participation in such operations allow Latvia to demonstrate its willingness and abilities to give the certain input for security and stability of Europe as well as show the compliance of Latvia ’s Armed Forces with NATO standards.

Looking to NATO Membership

"I think that essentially our expectations in receiving the invitation and becoming full members of the Alliance really relate to the basis on which NATO was established back in 1949 and it was established as we know as a collective defence organisation where the members of the organisation come to the assistance of each other and have this commitment to assist one another in the event of one of the member states of the Alliance being threatened, " said Ambassador Liegis, Head of the Mission of Latvia to NATO in a special interview for the NATO Web site.

Words from Latvia

We are students from form 8 of Indra Primary School. In the class we
discussed the topic “Latvia’s accession to NATO”. In these short essays you
will read our thoughts, ideas and conclusions related to the topic.

Latvia at a glance

  • Area: 64 589 sq. km or 24 937 sq. miles
  • Total national border length: 1,862 km
  • Length of Latva’s Baltic coastline: 494 km
  • Borders with other countries: Estonia, Russia, Belarus, Lithuania
  • Population in 2002: 2 351 400
  • Ethnic composition (2003): 58.40% Latvian, 29.04 % Russian, 3.94% Belarussian, 2.60% Ukrainian, 2.48% Polish, 1.39% Lithuanian, 0.44% Jewish, 1.80% other nationalities.
  • Official language: Latvian (a Baltic language, which belongs to the Indo-European family)