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29/03/2004 - NATO
Seven new members join NATO
10-12/03/2004 - NATO
Secretary General visits Baltic States
26/03/2003 - NATO
Accession protocols signed
24/03/2003 - NATO
Lord Robertson visits Estonia
14/03/2003 - NATO
Seven invitees participate in C3 Board meeting
29/01/2003 - NATO
NATO Update: NATO begins accession talks with invitees
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Permanent Representative of Estonia to NATO
Video interview with Ambassador Harri Tiido
Estonian children and NATO
Photo gallery of key events in NATO-Estonia relations

November 2002 - NATO
The Road to NATO membership


Estonian Mission to NATO

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Estonia has been a NATO partner country since 1991. It is one of seven countries that were invited to begin accession talks to join the Alliance at the 2002 Prague Summit.

Estonia and NATO

Estonia was involved in dialogue and cooperation with NATO since the beginning of the 1990s.
It was actively involved in the creation of the North Atlantic Co-operation Council in 1991, the first foum for consultation between NATO and Central and Eastern European countries, and was one of its founding members.

Estonia’s contribution to NATO

The guiding principle of Estonian security and defence policy is to benefit from being an active participant and contributor in the international security framework. Joining the North Atlantic Alliance serves as a logical extension of this principle by enabling Estonia to maximise the cost-effectiveness of its participation and contributions through closer cooperation with other allies.

Looking to NATO membership

"First and foremost, NATO for Estonia is a security issue. We've been trying different options during previous century, they didn't work. So now, we are trying to get all the security guarantees we can find, and NATO is definitely the only hard security guarantee available," said Ambassador Harri Tiido, Head of the Mission of the Republic of Estonia to NATO in a video interview for the NATO Web site.

Estonia at a glance

  • Estonia in Estonian is “Eesti”;
  • Population: 1.36 million;
  • Area: 45 227 sq. km;
  • Capital city: Tallinn;
  • National Day: Independence Day, February 24, when Estonia declared its independence in 1918;
  • Estonian flag: blue, black and white.