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19 Nov. 2010


Youth Atlanticist Summit in Lisbon
- Intervention of the Chairman of the Military Committee

From the event
19-20 November 2010
Summit Meeting of NATO Heads of State and Government - Lisbon, Portugal
19 November 2010
Speech by Admiral di Paola, Chairman of the Military Committee, at 2010 Young Atlanticist Summit, Lisbon

The Chairman of the Military Committee, Admiral di Paola, attended the Youth Atlanticist Summit in Lisbon on November,19 2010. He addressed an audience composed of students and young professionals, recruited from across NATO and Partner nations.

His speech highlighted the reasons why the Alliance still matters today: the security of the European and North American populations, the defense of democratics values, the anticipation of emerging challenges. The Chairman’s intervention was followed by a constructive discussion with the young participants, who were particularly interested in understanding the impact of NATO on their every day life.

The Secretary General, A. Rasmussen, Admiral James Stavridis (SACEUR) and General Petraeus (COMISAF) also addressed this conference, which was run concurrently with the NATO summit and helped these future leaders to better follow the outcome and discussions of the official meetings.

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