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13 Mach. 2010



NATO Military Committee Chairman calls for strengthening of the Mediterranean Dialogue during official trip to Morocco

NATO's Mediterranean Dialogue

Rabat - On 13 March 2010, the Chairman of the NATO Military Committee, Admiral Giampaolo Di Paola, concluded an official visit to the Kingdom of Morocco in the framework of the Mediterranean Dialogue. The Chairman held bilateral talks in Rabat with Minister for Foreign Affairs and Cooperation M. Taieb Fassi Fihri, Deputy Minister for Defence Abderrahmane Sbai, Director General of Studies and Documentation Mohamed Yassine Mansouri and Inspector General of the Royal Armed Forces, General Abdelaziz Bennani.

Admiral Di Paola gave a speech at the “Cercle Mess des Officiers de Rabat” on the new NATO Strategic Concept to officers of the Royal Moroccan Army General Staff. He praised the cooperation between NATO and Morocco in the framework of the Mediterranean Dialogue and the contribution of the Royal Moroccan Armed Forces to NATO operations.

Further in his discourse, the Chairman stressed the opportunity given by the ongoing development of the new Strategic Concept to strenghten the ties between NATO and its Mediterranean partners: “The Mediterranean Dialogue should be strengthend by making this forum the place where differences can be overcome and where ideas and thoughts can be exchanged in order to build security and peace in the Euro-Mediterranean zone. This is in the interest of our people, of whatever color, religion or nationality they might be.

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