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26 Sep. 2008


Chairman of NATO Military Committee
concludes official visit in Greece

ATHENS, Greece – Admiral Giampaolo Di Paola, Chairman of the Military Committee, paid an official visit to Greece, 25-26 September 2008, where he met General Dimitrios Grapsas, Chief of the Hellenic National Defence General Staff (ChoD). The two leaders had the opportunity to exchange views on current operations, to discuss NATO priorities and the ongoing process, to review and adapt NATO’s Command Structure and ways in which Greece could enhance its valued contribution to Alliance operations.

During the official meeting at Hellenic General Staff, discussions focussed on the main NATO operations and the related Greek participation, namely in KFOR, ISAF and “Active Endeavour”.

“Greece’s continuing contribution to NATO operations in Afghanistan and Kosovo is extremely valuable”, said Admiral Di Paola. In this light, it was underlined how important is the process of increasing deployability and sustainability, undertaken by Hellenic Armed Forces, together with the always increasing interoperability with NATO.

It was also underlined the importance of the Military Committee, in which the Military Authorities of all NATO Nations are represented and where national views on Strategic Military issues are expressed and promoted. In this regard, both Military Leaders agreed on the need to improve the role of the Military Committee, in order for it to provide NATO Council with a timely and even more effective advise on Strategic and Military issues.

Concluding the visit, Admiral Di Paola expressed, on behalf of the Committee, sincere gratitude for the effort by which the Government of Greece and the Hellenic Armed Forces are contributing in Global Security. “The effectiveness of NATO as a Military Alliance is wholly dependant on Nations like Greece that are meeting the commitments in transforming and modernizing its forces, while continuing strong involvement in operations.”

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