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8 May 2008


NATO and Partner Chiefs of Defence
to meet at NATO Headquarters

The Military Committee

Top military officers of the Alliance’s member and Partner nations will convene at NATO HQ, Brussels, from 14-15 May 2008, for their Spring meeting.  For the first time, Chiefs of Defence from non-NATO countries contributing to NATO operations in Afghanistan and Kosovo will participate in the discussions. This is the first of three meetings per year for the NATO Chiefs of Defence.

More than 60 Chiefs of Defence from NATO members, the non-NATO contributing nations, Partnership-for-Peace nations, the Mediterranean Dialogue countries, Ukraine and Russia, could be in attendance, making it the largest gathering  of high-level military expertise in NATO’s history. 

In addition,there will be a signing ceremony with seven nations of a Memorandum of Understanding regarding the establishment of the NATO-accredited Cooperative Cyber Defence Centre of Excellence, in Estonia. 

There will be several different sessions, including with just the NATO Chiefs of Defence, dealing mainly with operations (taking stock of all NATO-led operations and missions, ISAF and KFOR in particular), and taking forward the military-related decisions of the Bucharest Summit.

Additional meetings will be held in Euro Atlantic Partnership Council format (sharing experiences from participating in NATO-led operations, and discussing the way ahead for military Partnership post-Bucharest Summit); with countries of the Mediterranean Dialogue (discussions on furthering military-to-military cooperation); with Ukraine (update on the transformation of the Ukrainian armed forces and a bi-annual assessment of the 2008 NATO-Ukraine Work plan); and with Russia (exchange of views on operational matters and to review progress of the 2008 Work Plan).

This will be the final Chiefs of Defense meetings chaired by Gen. Ray Henault, who will retire at the end of June 2008.


Note for the media

Media opportunities

Wednesday, 14 May 08

  • Photo coverage of the opening of the MC/CS session on Wednesday, 14 May.  Mrs. Dehaes will meet the media pool at the press counter no later than 0750hrs for an 0815hrs-0830hrs opportunity. 
  •  media opportunity with Gen. Ray Henault, Chairman of the Military Committee. 1320 in the NATO HQ front foyer.
  • Signing ceremony of the Memorandum of Understanding regarding the NATO Cooperative Cyber Defence Centre of Excellence, followed by a media availability with General James Mattis (Supreme Allied Commander, Transformation), Maj.-Gen. Ants Laaneots (Estonian Chief of Defense), and Lt.-Col. Ilmar Tamm (director of the Centre). 1330hrs in the Brosio Room.
  • the weekly NATO media briefing with the NATO Spokesman is tentatively scheduled at 1430hrs in the Brosio Room at NATO HQ.  The Military Committee Spokesman, Col. Brett Boudreau, will be available to update journalists on the Chiefs of Defence meetings to that point. 

Photos and video of all opening sessions will be available on-line at www.nato.int. shortly after each meeting.  A news release summarising the discussions will be issued at the conclusion of the 15 May sessions.


Journalists wishing to cover these opportunities will be able to access NATO HQ on presentation of a NATO accreditation pass or a valid press pass.


Point of contact for the Military Committee meetings:
Col. Brett Boudreau or Lt.-Col. Tony White
Tel:  +32 2 707 5983 / 5752

General press arrangements:         

Mrs. Karen Dehaes
Public Affairs Officer, IMS.
Tel:  +32 2 707 5423

Mr. George De Brouwer   
Tel: +32 2 707 5049

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