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22 Jan. 2008


CMC attends NATO-Russia Theatre Missile Defence exercise

14 Jan 2008 - NATO
NATO-Russia exercise to take place in Germany
The Military Committee
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General Ray Henault, Chairman of the NATO Military Committee (CMC) and Major-General Sergi Vasilievich Yagolnikov of the Russian Ministry of Defence met in Ottobrunn, Germany, on 22 January 2008, to observe a NATO-Russia Theatre Missile Defence exercise being hosted by the German Air Force, from 16-25 January 2008.

Being able to protect our deployed forces from a theatre missile threat is in all our interests, and by working together we can enhance our interoperability by jointly developing a theatre missile defence capability through exercises like the one here in Germany”, said the Chairman of the Military Committee.  “I applaud Lieutenant-General Heinz Marzi, of the German Air Force, for supporting this valuable cooperative exercise”.   

Under the auspices of the NATO-Russia Council (NRC), the Computer Assisted Exercise (CAX) is being held at the Simulation & Integration Test Center (SIT) of the Industrieanlagen-Betriebsgesellschaft (IABG) located near Munich.   This is the fourth time Russia and NATO have conducted a joint theatre missile defence exercise in an ongoing program designed to share expertise on how to protect deployed troops from a missile threat. 

This is exactly the kind of practical cooperation between NATO and Russia that is keeping this important relationship active and progressive”, said Gen. Henault.  “I was very pleased to hear that General Yagolnikov will be taking back a positive assessment of this exercise to Moscow, which could lead to a Russian proposal for future cooperation in this field.  “

The three previous exercises were hosted in 2004 at the Joint National Integration Center (JNIC) in the United States, in 2005 at De Peel Airbase in the Netherlands and in October 2006 at the Russian Simulation Facility located in the Research and Development Center of the Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation in Moscow, which General Henault attended.

Having focused on command and control and employment of theatre missile defence forces in the earlier exercises, the training in Ottobrunn gives the Russian and NATO personnel the opportunity to work together on the planning processes required to enable an effective and efficient employment of such forces.   

Seeing the Russian officers working side by side with NATO officers from a dozen Allied countries shows that we have made significant strides in enhancing interoperability among our military forces”, said Gen. Henault.  “From a military perspective, our cooperation is continuing to build in confidence and in a stronger mutual understanding of our shared values and concerns, which I believe will help resolve any political differences”.

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