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9 Sep. 2007

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NATO Chiefs of Defence conclude their conference in Canada

Bullet The Military Committee: NATO's senior military authority
Bullet 4 Sept 2007 - IMS
NATO’s Military Committee visits Canada, for meetings with NATO Chiefs of Defence Staff on 6-9 September 2007
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Bullet NATO's Military Committee - focused on operations, capabilities, and cooperation

VICTORIA, BRITISH COLUMBIA - Chiefs of Defence from the 26 NATO member nations early this evening wrapped up two days of discussions and a seminar focused on planning, preparing and conducting NATO operations.

"Delivering more capability for NATO operations is the intent," said Gen. Ray Henault, Chairman of NATO's Military Committee, and NATO's top officer. "We examined how we deliver operations, how we assign resources and how we train, as three important and inter-related themes central to our work."

"The seminar was successful in illustrating that personnel and resource challenges are shared by all Allies, and that by taking a longer-term approach to operational planning, we will improve our ability to obtain the right capabilities, from more Allies, at the right time," added Gen. Henault.

The Military Committee also exchanged ideas and views to tailor and sustain NATO's high readiness forces, and how the NATO Command Structure - the people and infrastructure of the in-place NATO headquarters - can be organized to be more deployable and more efficient. General John Craddock, the Supreme Allied Commander Europe, had opened the conference with an overview of NATO's ongoing operations.

"This meeting was an excellent venue for the NATO Chiefs of Defence and NATO's two Strategic Commanders to discuss issues face-to-face, and to decide on how to take our work and change agenda forward," said Gen. Henault. "We have committed to a number of activities to help shape, guide and inform the Alliance's decision making process. For example, two of the areas where we intend on moving with speed are to develop a NATO-wide lessons learned policy, and to develop better criteria to measure progress and effectiveness for operations including Afghanistan."

Point of Contact for the Chairman of the NATO Military Committee:

Colonel Brett Boudreau
Public Information Advisor to the Chairman of the Military Committee
00 32 494535005, or

Lieutenant-Colonel Tony White
Public Information Officer to the Chairman of the Military Committee
00 32 494535006

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