Updated: 02-May-2006 IMS Press Advisory

2 May 2006


Initial Press Release

STEADFAST JACKPOT 2006 , a computer assisted, command post exercise, will take place during the period 01–10 May 2006. It will be conducted at two locations simultaneously: at the Joint Warfare Centre Ulsnes Training Facility, Stavanger , Norway and at a training area near Strasbourg , France .

Allied Joint Force Command HQ in Brunssum, the Netherlands will lead this exercise, which will involve around 600 personnel from various headquarters and units assigned to the seventh rotation of the NATO Response Force (NRF 7), to include HQ EUROCORPS, Component Command HQ Air Ramstein, the Spanish Maritime Force, the United States Special Operations Command Europe, the German Psychological Operations Centre and the Multinational Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear Defence Battalion. Personnel participating in the exercise will represent the full spectrum of NATO nations. The exercise will also involve a Spanish navy command and control ship, the ‘Castilla’, assigned to NRF.

A series of phased training events that began in January 2006 will culminate in STEADFAST JACKPOT 06, which is designed to train, validate and certify the chain of command and command and control elements dedicated to NRF. These events will provide the opportunity for the NRF-committed headquarters and forces to train as a combined and joint force leading a demonstration of force operation beyond NATO’s geographical area of responsibility in a fictitious scenario, under a Chapter VII UN mandate.

Press information facilities will operate in Stavanger , Norway , and in Strasbourg , France throughout the period of the exercise.

Note for the editor:

Media are invited to attend media day events at Stavanger and Strasbourg on Friday, 5 May 2006, commencing in the morning. The programme offers briefings, photo opportunities and an occasion to speak to involved personnel.
Further information concerning the media day will be communicated in a media advisory to be released immediately before the exercise by Joint Force Command HQ Brunssum and HQ EUROCORPS.

Media questions and requests for registration should be addressed to:
Allied Joint Force Command HQ Brunssum,
Public Information Office,
P.O. Box 270, 6440 AG Brunssum,
The Netherlands
Attn.: LTC Hans Breemans
Tel +31 45 526 3625, +31 651 083 227
Fax +31 45 526 3095
E-mail breemansh@jfcbs.nato.int
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