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22 June 2005

Exercise Sorbet Royal (SR 05)

Sorbet Royal 05: NATO’s major submarine escape and rescue exercise in the Mediterranean

EXERCISE SORBET ROYAL 2005 (SR 05) is a major NATO live submarine escape and rescue exercise, involving ships, aircraft and submarines. It is being held in the Mediterranean off the coast of Taranto, Italy from 17 – 30 June 2005. Approximately 2,000 participants will come from 14 nations in all, including 3 Partner nations and 1 Mediterranean Dialogue country.

This is a challenging exercise, which is designed to test international submarine escape and rescue personnel, equipment and procedures to cope with the most extreme submarine rescue missions. During three weeks, submarines from Italy, the Netherlands, Spain and Turkey will be ‘sunk’ to the bottom, each with a full crew onboard. Rescue forces with a range of sophisticated rescue vehicles and systems from Italy, the United Kingdom and the United States of America, together with specialist divers, medical teams and support and salvage ships from Canada, France, Greece, Israel, Italy, the Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, and the United Kingdom, will work together to solve complex rescue and medical problems in a variety of demanding scenarios. Air force units will come from Italy, the United Kingdom and the United States of America. This year for the first time detachments from Russia and Ukraine will also be participating in the exercise, as will Israel, a member of the Mediterranean Dialogue countries.

SR 05 is conducted in five phases, culminating in the final week with a large scale coordinated rescue and evacuation of a large number of pressurized survivors from a submarine, including many casualties. Significant emphasis will be placed on the medical problems of removing everyone to safety, as well as the complex logistical and practical problems of compatibility and interoperability between rescue assets, standardization of procedures and coordination and co-operation between nations, military and civilian organisations.

The Commander Maritime Component Command Northwood (COM MCC Northwood) is the Officer Scheduling the Exercise (OSE) and the Commander Submarine North (COMSUBNORTH) is the Officer Conducting the Exercise (OCE).

Note for the media:

The Allied Press Information Centre will be in Taranto Naval Base, Italy from 10-30 June 2005. Members of the media will be invited to a media day at sea on 22 June 2005. The day will include an opportunity to observe submarine escape and rescue procedures from a submersible. For additional information please contact the MCC Northwood Public Information Office

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