Updated: 11-May-2005 IMS Initial Press Release

11 May 2005

Exercise Allied Action (AA 05):
NATO to test Sea-Based Headquarters Capabilities

17 May - 1 June 2005

NATO's Response Force

Joint Command Lisbon will test sea-based headquarters capabilities in its first command post exercise this year, ALLIED ACTION 05, which will take place from 17 May to 1 June 2005 in Spain and France. The exercise will be built on a fictitious NATO-led crisis response operation under a United Nations’ mandate.

ALLIED ACTION is designed to certify JC Lisbon and the Component Commands for the NRF5 and to validate the sea-based Combined Joint Task Force (CJTF) capability.This is a unique exercise offering participants the opportunity to practice the activation and deployment of NATO Response Force (NRF). They will specifically focus on the rapid mobilization of a Deployable sea-basedJoint Task Force headquarters (also known as a DJTF).

With the participation of approximately 2,500 personnel from 23 NATO nations and 7 Partner nations, ALLIED ACTION 05 will be one of NATO’s largest military headquarters exercises this year. This command post exercise will not involve any troop movement.

Vice Admiral Fernando J.R. Melo Gomes, Portuguese Navy,Commander Joint Command Lisbon (COM JC Lisbon) will conduct the exercise, operating from the amphibious command ship, the USS Mount Whitney. The Italian aircraft carrier Garibaldi will serve as the Maritime Component Command headquarters. The Spanish High Readiness Force (Land) Headquarters will act as the Land Component Command. The French Joint Force Air Command Component will act as the Air Component Command.

ALLIED ACTION 05 is an important step in the implementation process of the NRF/CJTF concepts, which will provide the Alliance with a vital tool for crisis management in the 21st century.

Note for the editor:

During the exercise an Allied Press Information Centre (APIC) will be based in Barcelona, Spain. Media questions prior to the start of the exercise should be addressed to the Public Information Office Joint Headquarters Lisbon (JHQ l):

Estrada da Medrosa
2780-070 Oeiras, Portugal
Telephone: (351) 21 440 4330
Fax: (351) 21 440 4387

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