Updated: 30-Jun-2004 IMS Press Advisory

28 June 2004

Submarine Escape and Rescue Working Group Meeting
28 June to 2 July 2004
St Petersburg, Russia

The next meeting of the NATO Military Committee Submarine Escape and Rescue Working Group (SMERWG) will take place from 28 June to 2 July 2004, at the International Business Centre ‘Neptun’ in St Petersburg, Russia. The meeting will be attended by 96 representatives from NATO Headquarters and 26 nations: Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Denmark, France, Germany, Greece, India, Israel, Italy, Japan, Malaysia, Netherlands, Norway, Pakistan, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Singapore, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Turkey, United Kingdom, and the United States. Participation in the SMERWG is open to NATO Partner nations and other non-NATO submarine operating nations who wish to develop a Submarine Escape and Rescue capability.

The SMERWG, sponsored by the Military Committee Maritime Standardization Board and working under the auspices of the NATO Standardization Agency, initiates, develops and staffs proposals for military standardization and common doctrine for the conduct of Submarine Escape and Rescue. The agenda for the 2004 SMERWG meeting includes presentations in the areas of techniques and training methods, research and development of new equipment, and Submarine Escape and Rescue exercises.

The meeting will also address standardization proposals and publications within the Medical Panel and four sub-panels: Ventilation and Services, Surface Abandonment, Escape Air Systems, and Terminology. The Medical Panel comprises doctors specialising in the submarine and diving medicine subjects unique to a Submarine Escape and Rescue operation.

The SMERWG also promotes active participation in SORBET ROYAL, a triennial multinational Submarine Escape and Rescue exercise.

Point of Contact for further information:

Lt.Cdr. Chris Gordon, USNA
NATO Standardization Agency (Naval Branch)

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