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June 2004

Director, International Military Staff

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Vice Admiral Fernando Del Pozo, SPNA

2004 - 2007

Vice Admiral Fernando del Pozo was born in Barcelona on 19 September 1944, and joined the Naval Academy 1 August 1961. He was commissioned Sub-Lieutenant in 3 July 1966, and became Vice Admiral (three stars) on 19 December 2003. From 2004 to 2007 he was Director, IMS.

His sea duties as a junior Officer have consisted of assignments on board destroyers Alcala Galiano, Roger de Lauria, Marqués de la Ensenada, and frigate Pizarro, where he performed a variety of duties, such as gunnery, communications, navigation and operations Officer. As Lieutenant Commander he was appointed Chief Staff Officer of the Carrier Group Escorts Squadron in 1985-86.

He commanded Fast Patrol Boat Cadarso in 1979-80 as a Lieutenant; Corvette Diana in 1986-88 as a Lieutenant-Commander; Frigate Victoria in 1992-93 as Commander, which included a four month deployment in STANAVFORLANT, during which period the force visited non-NATO ports and entered the Black Sea for the first time, and participated in the Adriatic embargo operation Maritime Monitor. As Captain he has commanded the 41st Squadron of Frigates (Santa Maria Class) from March 1997 until September 1997, when he took command of the STANAVFORMED until September 1998. He had the distinction of being the first Spanish officer ever in command of a NATO force.

Ashore he has served in the Spanish Navy Mission in Washington D.C. as a member of the team that developed the combat system for aircraft carrier and frigates (1980-85). He was Naval Assistant to the Navy Chief-of-Staff in 1988-89. From 1989 to 1992 he was a member of the working group for the development of the MNCs-CHOD Spain Coordination Agreements, leading during this period the group that negotiated the Strait of Gibraltar Agreement. From 1993 until 1997 he has been Head of the General/Strategic Plans Branch in the Navy Staff. In this capacity he participated in the negotiations that led to the formation of EUROMARFOR and the Spanish-Italian Amphibious Force. On 15 October 1998 he was appointed Deputy SACLANTREPEUR, in NATO HQ. On 15 October 2001 he took over as Deputy CINC SOUTHLANT, a post he held until his present appointment.

He specialized in naval electronics in 1972, and obtained the Naval War College diploma in 1978.

He has been awarded the Grand Crosses of the Naval Order of Merit and of St. Hermenegildo, and the Cross of S. Jorge de 1ª. Classe (Portugal), as well as other decorations.

Vice Admiral del Pozo married Maria-Luisa Berenguer, and they have two children, Fernando, a Navy Lieutenant, and Juan, Sub-Lieutenant.

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