Updated: 11-Oct-2007 Committee on Women in NATO Forces

August 2004

Year in Review

Secretary General’s opening remarks to the Conference on Women in the NATO Forces

Madame Chairperson,

It is an honour and a great pleasure to welcome you to NATO Headquarters, and to open the 2004 Conference of the Committee on Women in the NATO Forces.

Office on Women in the NATO Forces

In December 2000, the Military Committee adopted a resolution that confirmed the permanency of the Office on Women in the NATO Forces as part of the International Military Staff structure.

Activities of the Office on Women in the NATO Forces:

In July 2004 the Chief of the OWINF participated in the Military Committee’s visit to KFOR. There, the Chief was able to talk with the local deployed service women, as well as their commanders about experiences of the service women’s presence. The outcome was very positive, in that both the female and male soldiers were working under the same rules and conditions and the benefits of the service women’s presence while contacting the local population, especially women and children was emphasised.

In December 2004, the Office along with some Committee Delegates was invited to the “Women in Peacekeeping Operations Conference” in Amsterdam, which was organised by the EU. The Office met potential speakers for this years Meeting, as well as to announce publicly the Committee on Women in the NATO Forces` existence..

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