Updated: 08-Sep-2003 IMS Press Advisory


5 -19 Sept. 2003

Exercise NATO Air Meet 2003

NATO Air Exercise over Poland

NATO live-air exercise, NATO AIR MEET 2003 (NAM 03), will take place during the period 5 – 19 September 2003, with live flying taking place between 8 - 12 and 15 - 18 September. The exercise will be conducted by Headquarters Allied Air Forces North, Ramstein, Germany and will involve air forces from Belgium, Canada, Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Turkey, the United Kingdom and the United States of America. This year the exercise will be hosted by Poland, and participating aircraft will operate from Poznan Air Base and Powidz Air Base, Poland.

NAM 03 is designed to exercise participating nations’ air forces in tactical air operations. The exercise will focus on practising and evaluating tactics for the use of composite air operations with emphasis on the suppression of enemy air defences and electronic warfare. The exercise area will be limited to Poland and will involve more than 80 different aircraft including tanker and airborne early warning aircraft and ground-based air defence systems. No exercise flying will take place on the weekends. Flying will take place during daytime only. Flying down to 350 feet above ground level will take place in selected areas within the exercise area. A press information centre will be operated at Poznan Air Base during the period 5 – 19 September 2003.


Media questions should be addressed to HQ AIRNORTH, Public Information Office,
tel +49-(0) 6371-402060/2065,
fax +49-(0) 6371-401093, and
e-mail: airnorth.pio@gmx.de.

Media visiting from outside of Poland are encouraged to plan any visits for the periods 8 - 12 and 15 - 18 September when live-flying operations will be conducted.

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