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3 Sept. 2003

Exercise Cooperative Key 2003
NATO/Partnership for Peace exercise in Bulgaria

Naples, Italy – Military personnel from nine NATO nations, six Invitee Partner nations and six Partner nations will join forces in Exercise Cooperative Key 2003 (CK-03) which takes place from 01 to 13 September in Plovdiv, Bulgaria. This is the second time Bulgaria hosts Cooperative Key, the previous time being in 2001.

The exercise is based on a fictitious scenario in which NATO, Invitee Partner nations and Partner nations deploy approximately 1,000 military personnel and more than 70 aircraft in a multi-national task force in support of humanitarian operations.

Exercise participants will be drawn from the following NATO member nations: Canada, Denmark, France, Greece, Hungary, the Netherlands, Poland, Turkey, and the United States of America, from Invitee Partner nations: Bulgaria, Latvia, Lithuania, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, and from Partner nations: Azerbaijan, Croatia, the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia , Moldova, Sweden and Switzerland. Representatives of several international non-governmental organisations will also participate in support of CK-03’s exercise scenario.

CK-03 is one of the many NATO initiatives that promote dialogue, co-operation and interoperability between NATO and Partner nations in conducting peace support operations.

CK-O3 is scheduled by Admiral Gregory G. Johnson, Commander-in-Chief, Allied Forces South Europe (CINCSOUTH) and will be conducted by Lieutenant-General Glen W. Moorhead III, Commander, Allied Air Forces South (COMAIRSOUTH).

Note for the editor:

A Press Information Centre (PIC) will operate in Plovdiv during the exercise. Questions prior to the establishment of the PIC should be addressed to:
AFSOUTH PIO, Media Section: Major Tim Dunne
Telephone: 0039 081 721-2437
Fax: 0039 081 230-2791

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