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24 Feb. 2003

NATO Conducts Command Post Exercise in Italy

Verona, Italy — NATO’s Command Post Exercise DISCIPLINED WARRIOR 03 (DW-03) will take place from 24 February to 7 March 2003 in Verona.

The exercise is designed to improve the Southern Region’s capabilities to carry out Crisis Response Operations with emphasis on Peace Support. Military personnel from several member nations serving at NATO Commands and Headquarters as well as personnel from the Turkish General Staff will participate in the training. Additionally, the Exercise supports the integration of the Hungarian Defence Forces, since their personnel will obtain valuable training in planning for multinational operations. It is also the first time that the newly established NATO Rapid Deployable Corps based in Solbiate Olona, Italy will participate in this annual exercise.

This Command Post Exercise will use modern simulation techniques and software that replicate the typical flows of information and decision-making processes in a deployed military headquarters. Elements and personnel from the Allied Command Europe and NATO’s Southern Region HQs are in support.

DW-03 is scheduled by the Regional Headquarters Allied Forces Southern Europe (AFSOUTH), the NATO Headquarters responsible for the Mediterranean area. The exercise will be conducted under the lead of Lieutenant General Alberto Ficuciello, the Commander of Joint Command South (COMJCSOUTH).

Note for the editor:

Media questions prior to the start of the exercise should be addressed to the Public Information Office, Joint Command South (JCS):
Via Roma 31,
37121 Verona/Italy;
Telephone: +39 045 9270 171;
Fax +39 045 9270 100
E-mail: piò@ics.nato.int

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