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7 April 2003

Six NATO nations sign Memorandum of Understanding for CIMIC Group North

The Military Representatives of the Czech Republic, Denmark, Germany, the Netherlands, Norway and Poland came together on 7 April at NATO Headquarters to sign the Memorandum of Understanding for the Civil-Military Co-operation (CIMIC) Group North. Colonel Jan Van den Elsen, Commander of CIMIC Group North, and other members of his staff were also present on this historical occasion.

The signing of this official document sets the legal basis of CIMIC Group North and represents the culmination of three years of co-operation and groundwork to establish a body that can provide NATO with essential Civil-Military Co-operation capability. On 15 January 2003, the North Atlantic Council gave its formal approval to grant CIMIC Group North NATO status based on the Paris Protocol. The Paris Protocol is a protocol pertaining to the status of international military headquarters in NATO member states and deals with the rights and duties of such a headquarters.

CIMIC Group North is located in Budel, the Netherlands and will offer support to all NATO operations. It is functionally attached to Regional Headquarters Allied Forces North Europe (RHQ AFNORTH), and will establish working and training relationships with this Headquarters.

The Netherlands Military Representative, Lieutenant General Striek, pointed out the increased relevance of CIMIC operations which follow immediately in the wake of the front line in any crisis. He ended the ceremony by wishing the Commander and his staff a prosperous and successful future. The Norwegian Military Representative, Vice Admiral Hauger-Johannessen, thanked the Netherlands for originally taking the initiative in the conception of CIMIC Group North saying:

“…..CIMIC is needed to win the peace, and we can all see this on a daily basis throughout the world.”

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