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7 Oct. 2002

NATO's Chairman of the Military Committee
visits USA and Canada

General Harald Kujat (German Air Force) Chairman of NATO's Military Committee will visit the United States of America and Canada from 7 to 10 October 2002. The major topics to be discussed are the Prague Capabilities Commitment, the NATO Command Arrangements as well as the proposed NATO Response Force.

In Washington D.C. he will meet General Richard B. Myers, Joint Chief of Staff and Dr. Condoleeza Rice, Assistant to the President for National Security Affairs. He will also visit the Headquarters of the Supreme Allied Command Atlantic (SACLANT HQ), in Norfolk, Virginia, one of NATO's two Strategic Commands.

In Canada, General Kujat will meet the Canadian Chief of Defence, General R. R. Henault. At the same time he will meet the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mr. Gaetan Lavertu and the Foreign Policy Advisor to the Canadian Prime Minister, Mr. Claude Laverdure.

The Military Committee is the highest military decision-making authority in NATO, assisting and advising the North Atlantic Council on all military matters. More information about the Military Committee may be found on the NATO web site http://www.nato.int/ims

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