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1 Oct. 2002

Initial Exercise Press Release
Exercise Destined Glory 2002

NATO Amphibious / Maritime Exercise Assembles
Multinational Force In Mediterranean

Naples, Italy — NATO’s annual amphibious, maritime and power projection exercise Destined Glory 2002 (DG02) will take place from 05 to 15 October 2002. The land forces will train in both Monte Romano near Rome and Capo Teulada, Sardinia, whilst the maritime forces will exercise first in the Tyrrhenian Sea and then in the Ionian Sea. More than 8,000 service personnel, approximately 70 ships and 170 aircraft from 12 NATO nations will train together during the exercise.

Belgium, Canada, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, the Netherlands, Norway, Spain, Turkey, the United Kingdom and the United States of America are providing high-readiness forces to exercise as a “Regional Reaction Force” able to conduct Peace Support and Crisis Response Operations. France participates in the exercise as part of its normal training relations with its allies.

DG02 will be the biggest amphibious exercise in NATO’s Southern Region this year, assembling three Aircraft Carrier Battle Groups, and a two-Brigade amphibious landing force. DG02 will also mark the first time a French officer commands an amphibious brigade within a NATO exercise.

Exercises like DG02 provide opportunities to maintain NATO troop readiness to respond immediately to any crisis. DG02 is designed to improve NATO’s capability to conduct multinational amphibious and maritime power projection/crisis response operations, thereby improving inter-operability for amphibious, land, sea and air activities. Whilst ensuring the required readiness of its own forces, NATO’s priority continues to remain the maintenance of peace and stability through dialogue and co-operation, which includes training with Partner nations.

DG02 is scheduled by Allied Forces Southern Europe (AFSOUTH), the regional NATO Headquarters responsible for the Mediterranean area, and will be under the direction of the Commander of the Naval Striking and Support Forces Southern Europe (COMSTRIKFORSOUTH) Vice Admiral Scott A. Fry, US Navy.


The Public Information Office at AFSOUTH (tel. +39 081 7212437; email: afspio@afsouth.nato.int) will act as Allied Press Information Centre (APIC) for the exercise. During the exercise, temporary Sub-APICs will be based in Monte Romano near Rome and Capo Teulada, Sardinia.

Media questions prior to the start of the exercise should be addressed to the AFSOUTH Public Information Office: Capt. Mark ODEN, Media Section; Viale della Liberazione s/n, 80124 Naples/Italy; Telephone: +39 081 721 2437 or 2320; Fax +39 081 230 2767.

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