Updated: 06-Jun-2002 Women in NATO Forces

26th Annual

26-31 May 2002

Women in Uniform in NATO

26th Annual Meeting
26-31 May 2002


The NATO nations' delegates and Partnership for Peace observers who attended the conference.

  • "Wanted: A Few Good Women" - Gender Stereotypes and their Implications for Peacekeeping - Professor Gerard J DeGroot University of St Andrews St Andrews, Scotland
  • Gender Integration in the Armed Forces: A Cross National Comparison of Policies and Practices in NATO Countries - Helena Carreiras ISCTE/University of Lisbon European University Institute - Florence
  • Flexibility Towards Diversity, New Skills for Military Personnel in PSOs by Marina Nuciari University of Torino Department of Social Sciences

The Committee on Women in the NATO Forces meets annually to discuss policies and practices affecting servicewomen in NATO member countries. This year they met at NATO Headquarters from 26 - 31 May where they focused on lessons learned from gender integration throughout the Alliance's nations.

One of the speakers invited to this annual event, Dr. Helena Carreiras, presented the results of a comparative research entitled: "Gender Integration in the Armed Forces: A Cross-National Comparison of Policies & Practices in NATO Countries".

Dr. Gerard DeGroot captivated the audience with his presentation entitled: "Wanted: A few good women; Gender Stereotypes and their Implications for Peacekeeping".

Additional speakers contributed to the different panel discussions on Equal opportunities, Challenges within an International Environment, New Skills Requirements for Peace Support Operations and Lessons learned on Women in Operations.

Traditionally, the Committee has been working on issues affecting women in uniform in three main areas i.e. Recruitment and Employment, Training and Development and Quality of Life. Current Chairperson Colonel Lamerson, Canadian Air Force, will be presenting the results to the Military Committee on 27 June. (The conclusions and recommendations of the Women in NATO conferences are presented to NATO's Military Committee each year).

This year, the Committee was able to invite the Partnership for Peace nations to attend the conference. Austria, Croatia, Estonia, Ireland, Moldova, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Sweden and Switzerland each identified an observer to participate, and each presented to the Committee the situation of servicewomen in their respective nations.

Overall, more than 80 women in uniform attended. As Canada is currently chairing the Committee, the annual meeting next year will be held in Ottawa, Canada, 1-6 June 2003.

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