Updated: 05-Jun-2002 Women in NATO Forces

26th Annual
in Uniform

26-31 May 2002

Flexibility Towards Diversity,
New Skills for Military Personnel in PSOs

Marina Nuciari
University of Torino
Department of Social Sciences

Introduction for Professor Marina Nuciari

Marina Nuciari is associate professor of Sociology at the Faculty of Economics, Turin University (Italy), since 1992, and professor of Military sociology at the Italian Military Academy (Turin) since 1979. She is: founding member and chairperson of the European Research Group On Military And Society-ERGOMAS (1992-1996); active member of Inter-University Seminar on Armed Forces and Society-IUS; International Sociological Association, ISA RC n. 1 on "Armed Forces and Conflict Resolution". She is author of a great number of essays, articles and volumes, published at an international level in english, french, russian and spanish, mainly dealing with crosscultural research on armed forces. Her another field of interest and research is social change, development and modernisation, with special reference to African countries.

Professor Nuciari has accepted the invitation of the CWINF and our discussed her research findings of new sets of skills for soldiers deployed in military operations other than war. The title of her presentation FLEXIBILITY TOWARDS DIVERSITY, although not gender specific, is certainly catching the attention.

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