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12 Sept. 2002

Military Committee visits
Germany and Czech Republic

NATO's Military Committee has just completed its annual tour - this year to Berlin, Germany and Prague, Czech Republic - from 9 September till 12 September 2002.

The Chiefs of Staff of all NATO member countries and NATO's two Strategic Commanders had an informal meeting in Berlin on 9 September. On 11 September the Committee visited the Doupov military training area to watch a dynamic and static display of the Czech armed forces.

The Chairman of the Committee, General Harald Kujat, said that NATO's Military Authorities are making good progress in preparations for the upcoming NATO Summit in Prague.

Issues on the Agenda

The enlargement of the Alliance, its military capabilities and command structure were the key issues under discussion.

With regard to enlargement with one or more new member nations after the Prague Summit, General Kujat said that the Military Committee was dedicated to working very hard to integrate the armed forces of the nations that might eventually join NATO.

The Military Committee is also developing a new military concept for defence against terrorism and the security challenges of the new century, as well as looking at ways of improving NATO's military capabilities. One possible improvement would be to develop more multinational capabilities, in which each country has a contribution. According to General Kujat this would be beneficial for all nations, and especially for the smaller countries, since all participating countries would have access to the full range of capabilities, whilst only contributing their share.

Finally, the Military Authorities are in the process defining the military requirements for the review of NATO's Command Arrangements. After the ministerial meeting in June 2002 in Brussels, the NATO Military Authorities were tasked to again take a comprehensive look at NATO's overall command and control structures. The current NATO Command Structure was designed in 1997 and formalised in 1999 at the NATO Summit in Washington. Now NATO is evolving towards even more flexible and deployable command and control capabilities that are necessary to meet new challenges facing us today, General Kujat said.

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