Updated: 25-Nov-2002 Committee on Women in NATO Forces

Special Edition



This book is dedicated to all service men and women determine to accept the challenges of working in one cohesive team towards a common mission. This book was also made possible by a large team which should be acknowledge for their support and efforts toward the accomplishment of this commemorative issue for the 25th Anniversary of the Committee on Women in the NATO Forces. Congratulations to all for your support.

Committee Members
Colonel Cheryl Lamerson, Chairperson CAAF
Lieutenant Colonel Elleke Overbeke, Outgoing Chair NLAR
Lieutenant Colonel Kristin Lund, Chair-Elect NOAR
PHA Lieutenant Colonel Danielle Levillez, Co-Chair BEAR
Major Penny Dimitriou, Co-Chair GRAF
Belgium: Lieutenant Colonel C. Faut BEAF
Canada: Lieutenant Colonel K. Ritchie CAAR
Denmark: Major N. Uller DEAF
France: Lieutenant Colonel F. Français-Cros FRAF
Germany: Lieutenant Colonel A. Matschulat GEMed
Greece: Major P. Dimitriou GRAF
Hungary: Major A. Szabó HUAR
Italy: Captain(N) S. Canarutto ITNA
Luxembourg: Ms. N. Gattonie LUCIV
Netherlands: Commander E. Schrijvers-Daniëls NLNA
Norway: Captain(N) E. Natvig NONA
Poland: Lieutenant Commander B. Szubinska PLNA
Portugal: Major A. Varela POAF
Spain: Captain A. Cebrián Carrasco SPAF
Turkey: Lieutenant N. Bubul TUNA
United Kingdom: Lieutenant Colonel N. Larkin UKAR
United States: Col. S. Murray USMC

NATO International Military Staff/ Office on Women in the NATO Forces

Sergeant Class K.T. van den Brink-Hedlund, NLAR

Additional Supporting Staff

Colonel S. Biagini, ITAR, IMS Head Personnel & secretary to the Committee
Master Seaman M. Malenfant, CANA, internship NATO Press Office,
Mr. G. Hayward, NATO Graphic Arts, UKCIV (design of the cover page)
IMS Information System Management Team

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